Zhou Mi's 'Thai Perfect' book preview and prologue~!


Zhou Mi's '泰玩美 Thai Perfect' book preview and prologue~!

Zhou Mi's prologue translation: 

Finally, finally, finally, after the long wait my first book "Thai Perfect" is going to be launched. My fate with Thailand started in 2008 when we promoted our album there, the first time I was there, I was attracted by the warm and mysterious country, the adorable and hospitable locals, delicious Thai cuisine and tropical fruits, full of the country's culture, even in the winter the warmth of the summer is still around, the perfect weather to dive into a pool and go for a swim whenever you like, all of these gave me lots expectations and impulse! 

We travel to Thailand at least 3 or 4 times a year for work, but because of our busy schedules I couldn't enjoy (he said "enjoy" in english) all these at all. So I used my first ever vacation after debut to fly there alone, even until now when I have a long leave I will immediately book my flight and fly there without even thinking, in the beginning I sometimes will follow the itinerary of travel books or shows, but after that I realized actually Thailand has a lot of interesting little restaurants and shops that are worth recommending, time after time I have my own travel itinerary. In my opinion, Thailand is a very trendy, interesting country. I'm going to share everything I feel and see with everyone, using the sincere "diary" way, also giving myself a travel diary.

Here I very sincerely want to thank WeiXi noona giving me so much support for this book, also the pretty editor XiaoYu. thank you for giving "it" so much love, allowing me to present this book of mine to everyone, lastly I want to thank NaShan who helped me with taking pictures, haha, you worked hard, this book is for you!

This book is very simple, a very straightforward travel book, in this "diary", I recorded in detail my everyday journey, every meal, every dish, every shop I visited, every piece of clothing I bought, every hotel I stayed at, every beach I saw, I hope I can make you feel like you're here yourself, and I also hope to give everyone some useful information for your next trip to Thailand. If you like the book, everyone should start and create your own "wan mei travel journey" (he used a pun that also applies to the book title. 完美 wán mei in Chinese means perfection, but it sound exactly like 玩美 which means play and beautiful in two separate words) itinerary too!

In summary, quick start on our own "Thailand journey"!

Super Junior-M Zhou Mi

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