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Meeting “Mi’s Special Issue”; “The little prince” who is travelling on the road in search of his dream

The times spent having afternoon tea with Zhou Mi

After having talked to Zhou Mi, I only realized that under that handsome appearance, is a conscientious and sincere person. A warm and honest person, we are meeting him at the place where his dream started - Seoul, South Korea. Conversing in mandarin in this foreign yet magical city, makes the whole atmosphere light and warm. This city perhaps has a special bond and connection to Zhou Mi. Every step, every bit of hard work put in and every success achieved here has allowed him to shine brighter than he already is. Onstage, he is a shining idol but in private he is even more of an honest, sincere and hardworking person.

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SoCooL: Welcome Zhou Mi on being SoCooL Magazine’s guest, what are you busy with recently?

Zhou Mi: We ended our Super Show concert 2 days ago, and flew back to Seoul from Japan. Next I will be preparing for my new drama. I am also writing songs as well, hoping that I will be able to new self-composed songs for everyone.

SoCooL: Can you use the format of your recently released travel diary <Thai Perfect> and introduce Korea to the readers of SoCooL?

Zhou Mi: Having been in Korea for close to 6 years, the feeling that I have is how this is a very clean and fashionable country. The deepest impression I have would be related to fashion. Many a time, my friend would come here and ask “What is there to play over here?” Other than Korea’s famous grilled meat, I feel that shopping is one of Korea’s specialities, and Korea is also known as “the city that never sleeps”. Over here, Dongdaemun is open 24/7 and you can shop whenever you like. There are also 24-hour bars, that allow you and your friends to enjoy happy hour. So this is a place that allows you to have things to do even if you do not sleep for one whole day (laughs).

SoCooL: If you could publish a similar travel book, where would you like to introduce to us this time? Why?

Zhou Mi: Actually, this book has gone to Taiwan and Hong Kong for promotions, and there have been people who asked this similar question, so my answer will be either “Hong Kong’s Perfection” or “Taiwan’s Perfection”. Before writing <Thai Perfect>, I was also writing a book about Korea, but it’s only just that I finished writing  <Thai Perfect> first, so I met everyone with this book. But because I’m a Chinese, I also want to write a book introducing my home, Beijing or a book introducing fun places to go in China. But I also wish that this book will be released overseas as well. China is changing and developing at a very fast pace, I have not been home for quite a few years, and now that I’ve gone back, I’ve discovered many fun places to go to. I hope that I will be able to introduce these places to you the fans overseas via this book. This will help everyone to erase their thoughts on how China is a rather “old-fashioned”, and also help to include many interesting parts in it. Hopefully everyone will love my country and city.

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SoCooL: In SJM’s new album, you recorded a solo song <Distant Embrace>, can you share your thoughts about this song with us?

Zhou Mi: This song can be considered as my second solo song. This time I’m very happy to be able to collaborate with Michael Wong, and it is also similar to the music style that I hope to work with. Basically, everytime I use my own way to present a song, they will usually be more soothing ballads. It’s like those “healing singers” (laughs). I personally do not have much relationship experience, but I will borrow some of the content from either my friends’ experiences or from television serials, and use my own way to sing it for everyone to listen. This song will also be able to capture the hearts of the listener. When I was recording the song, I will pretend to be the audience, and I actually feel that if it was me who was listening to the song, I would really be touched. When I was collaborating with Michael Wong on this song, we exchanged many ideas and many of our ideas were very similar and went well together. So I am very happy that I am able to use my own ideas and style to release a solo song.

SoCooL: Can you reveal to us what are your working plans for the coming months?

Zhou Mi: I will be going to film an idol drama, as I have said before, and filming will start around end August or the beginning of September. Also, I will be meeting everyone with a new song, and it can be considered as the third part of my “Solo Ballads” (laughs), everyone please wait for me! Because I usually do not have chances to go back to my home country and sing for everyone, so I hope to quickly try doing things that I have never done before, and also hope to work with some of the musical styles that I like, and sing these songs for everyone to listen. Actually, my greatest wish is to quickly make new songs for everyone to listen. I really love music. Actually, writing books is also a new and refreshing experience for me, this is same for filming dramas. But I still love music the most, and it is something that I must continue doing.

SoCooL: When you usually do not have work, what do you like to do?

Zhou Mi: Sleeping is a blessing~ Ha ha ha…. Because many a time when I finish my work, that have long working hours, I always wish to sleep when I get back to Korea, so that I will be able to feel more refreshed and it will also make my mood better. After I wake up, I will find some friends for a meal, have a chat at a café, and share with them some of the things that have happened recently. It makes me happy and being able to release some of my stress is also a very good thing.
SoCooL: Do you usually meet up with your friends for afternoon tea? Can you recommend some of your favourite spots?
Zhou Mi: I would recommend places in Apgujeong and Sinsadong. But the place we are now at is called Samcheongdong, I’ve come here once before, when I was hosting a show but I usually do not frequent this place. But having come here once again, I realized that this place is really pretty

SoCooL: Pease say some sweet words to our SoCooL readers!

Zhou Mi: Before I debuted I would often go to newsstands to buy SoCooL magazine, this is true! Because I only debuted in 2006, that time it seems like I hadn’t debuted for very long right? I remember that you guys started this magazine during 2005. I started buying this magazine right from the very first edition, but after moving to Korea I was unable to buy it. When I was reading the magazine at that time, I once wondered when would I be able to grace the pages of such a fashionable and popular magazine. I am very happy to be able to have the chance to talk to everyone about my music, my book and my life in Seoul. I hope everyone will continue to support Zhou Mi and continue to support SJM as well.

“Be firm with whatever you believe in, and you will be able to see success in front of you”- Zhou Mi

(note: some things that Zhou Mi refers to in this interview have since been cancelled, for example his drama filming. As for the new solo song it's either been cancelled or postponed.)

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