SJM Breakdown Interviews in Beijing~


Compilation of all Interviews/shows from Beijing, will be updated as shows are broadcast and subbed~

[130107] Beijing Press Con: English Subs playlist

[130107] LeTV Interview: English Subs

[130108] Sina live chat: English Subs playlist

[130108] Youku Interview: English Subs & New Year Greetings

[130108] Music Billboard Interview: Preview + English Subs + Longer cut English Sub

[130108] eLive Interview: Cut

[130109] Tencent Interview: English Subs

[130109]  Ent 163.comNetEase Interview: English Subs

[130109] 大鹏嘚吧嘚 (Da Peng De Ba De): English Subs

韩流音悦Tai (Yin Yue Tai): MV Set Interview English Subs

[130116] Sohu Interview: English Subs

[130117] 音悦大来宾 (Yin Yue Big Music Guest): English Subs

All subs and uploads are credited to the youtube source.




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