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We will be organising three projects for Zhou Mi's birthday this year on April 19th. We hope you can participate in them! 

[B'day project: Donations for gifts] We will accept donations towards buying Zhou Mi a gift for his b'day! Want to know what we are buying him? It's a personalised LV passport cover! So that everywhere he goes he knows he is our ray of sunshine~ You can see it here Donations can be sent Paypal simply by clicking the 'donate' button on the left sidebar of this blog! Please include a comment with your twitter username so we can thank you and so we can put it on the gift :) If you don't have Paypal and want to donate please let me know as some countries are collecting donations and sending it to us. Deadline for donations is Feb 16th! 

[B'day project: Photo/message book] We will be accepting photos, fanart and short messages from fans to be compiled in a photobook to be presented to Zhou Mi. You can send us photos of yourself and your friends holding signs/messages for Zhou Mi, or if you bought a Sunshine Zhou Mi towel we would LOVE for you to send us a photo of yourself holding the towel! Even if you want to send a photo of yourself holding your country's flag that is fine~

We would love for you to send messages to be included in the book~ you can wish him happy b'day, spaz about the new album, congratulate him on his drama, plead with him to make a twitter, (gently) scold his airport fashion choices, confess your undying love for his legs/chest/face/nose or whatever you like. Just keep it to about one paragraph. Handwritten and scanned messages would be lovely and personal but if you are without a scanner then a typed message would also be fine. If you would like to combine fanart with a message then go for it~ get creative! 

Please send all submissions to sunshinezhoumi@gmail.com and if you can include your twitter username and country in all emails that would be appreciated ^^ Deadline for the photobook is Feb 15th to leave time for putting it together and having it printed etc. Please start sending in submissions asap!

[B'day project: Twitition] The petition to ask Zhou Mi to make a twitter is merely a show of support from fans on twitter~ whether Zhou Mi decides to make a twitter or not remains completely up to him ^^ By signing the petition you can at least show Zhou Mi how many fans there are on twitter who would support him if he /did/ join us in the twitterverse. 

Zhou Mi lives in Korea so you don't need to worry about twitter being banned for him~ he has just as much access to twitter as everyone else in SJ does! 

There are a lot of fans who still don't know a lot about Zhou Mi as he is completely unreachable to them other than through concerts and tv shows. There is always the possibility that he could gain even more fans just by being more accessible. Wouldn't it be nice to spread the sunshine a little further? ^^ Sign here! 



  1. Ey! I have some presents from my fanbase in atinoamerica for Zhou Mi and some for the other members, I don't wanna Keep them, Could I send it to you for you to give it up to Zhou Mi please?, I have al least 15 letters for him. Apart of my donation of course

  2. Hi that would be fine :) I can pass the things for Zhou Mi, can you email me at sunshinezhoumi@gmail.com ^^

  3. Is it possible for the Arabs to participate?
    Please, send the request to cooperate to ‎@suju_wings‏ :$

    1. I sent you all details mentioning your fanbase's twitter account! ^^

  4. hey , I also just organize a project to write a letter to zhoumi , we want him to open twitter and give me some courage word :D I will make a book and send to him , but the airmail cost is so much expansive so I have to wait them to come our country to give him :(

    1. well.... seeing as we are doing the same projects and this is an International Mitang project maybe you'd just like to join ours for now? haha



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