[Translation] Opening letter from Thai Perfect (mainland version)~


[Trans] "Hello everyone, I am Zhou Mi. In April this year I released my first book «Thai Perfect» in the Taiwan area. I have been hoping to let friends in the mainland to also see my work. Finally, the simplified version of «Thai Perfect» can meet everyone today!!! 
As a singer, I have always wanted to publish a book that belongs to me. Ever since I entered the SM company, I have started preparing a book, but this idea was suddenly replaced mid-way by the desire to write a travel book on Thailand. Until now, I still cannot believe my dream of publishing a book has happened! Sometimes life is really wonderful. The moment you try and diligently put in effort for the sake of your dream, you are already achieving half the success!
All these years, I also have been striving hard. For the sake of the music I love, for the work I love. Hoping that my dreams can come true one by one. The road of the future is long. What we need yo do is to not give up, and to continue to be hardworking. I hope each of you friends who receives this letter can like/enjoy «Thai Perfect» and at the same time I wish all of you (friends) who have a dream (that your) Dreams come True!!! 
One sentence: If you have dreams, then pursue it!!! (*literally: let go and chase after it)"

Trans by @qmiwook for @SunshineZhouMi
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