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Trans [131221] Sohu Interview and fan chat with Zhou Mi~


Sohu interview with Zhou Mi: (This interview was carried out on Sohu as a live broadcast event where internet users could participate too and ask some questions in which a few were chosen to be answered by Zhou Mi)

Interviewer: Hello everyone, under the flag of the South Korean celebrity-producing factory SM Entertainment, super idol group Super Junior-M’s Chinese member Zhou Mi’s personal travel journal “Thai Perfect” simplified Chinese version has arrived.

Interviewer: In “Thai Perfect”, Zhou Mi transformed into a traveller, sincerely and meticulously introduced the best of travels in Thailand, sharing in-depth and heartwarming little tips.

The lively layout design, coupled with the fashionable and practical content all contribute to the making of this unique book. The traditional Chinese version of “Thai Perfect” garnered a sale of 10000 copies when it was published in Taiwan in March of 2013, and the subsequent book signing sales attracted around 3000 fans’ participation, met with much enthusiasm.

The simplified Chinese version of “Thai Perfect” that came out this time not only preserved the original content of the traditional Chinese version, but also includes an exclusive letter written by Zhou Mi especially for the fans from China! All of SJ-M members, f(x)’s leader Victoria and many friends in the entertainment circle all promoted “Thai Perfect” enthusiastically.

Author Zhou Mi, born on the 19th of April, 1986 in Wuhan of the Hubei province in China; formally debuted in China in April 2008 as a member of Korean performance group Super Junior-M. Zhou Mi is a multi-talented actor-singer and a composer-styled singer—he is the lyricist of many outstanding songs such as “Me”, “Super Girl”, “Breaka shaka*” and so on, he also starred in the main roles of dramas “The melody of youth” and “When love walked in”. With the participation in many big productions, he gained a lot of fans, and his popularity in China is very high.
*Kangta’s song

On this (21st) Saturday night, Zhou Mi will be a guest on this live space, interacting with everyone in close proximity, and telling everyone a magical story about his Thailand travels. In the process of interaction, Zhou Mi will draw out 5 lucky winners and give each a signed new book, are you excited?

Zhou Mi: Hello everyone

Interviewer: The live chatting will start soon. Dear netizens, are you guys ready?
Zhou Mi is signing for you guys

Interviewer: Hi Sohu news’ internet users, today we have invited a guest who is under the South Korean idol-making factory SM Entertainment, the famous idol group Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi. We will now invite Zhou Mi to greet everyone.

Zhou Mi: Sohu news’ internet users, hello! I am Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi.

This is my first time being interviewed here, so dear friends, please feel free to ask more questions. And before the broadcast ends, we will give out a gift to 5 netizens, which is a signed copy of my new book “Thai Perfect”.

Interviewer: The Zhou Mi we are familiar with is a singer-actor-composer idol but lately Zhou Mi has assumed another new identity. What is it? You guys must be wanting to hear Zhou Mi introduce it himself.

Zhou Mi: Uh, recently I published my new book, it’s called “Tai Wan Mei”: “Tai” of Thailand, “Wan” of playing/having fun, and “Mei” of beautiful/beauty. It’s a book that I hand-written and designed—a personal travel journal. It has been published in the traditional Chinese version in Taiwan back in April and now this month it is our mainland China’s simplified version being published. I hope everyone will like my book. Yep, as author Zhou Mi. 

Zhou Mi: Since “Thai Perfect” introduces Thailand travel, Zhou Mi can you tell us a bit about some fun or memorable things you experienced while in Thailand?
ZM: Thailand was the second overseas country that I visited after debuting. I think I was attracted and intrigued by the local culture there, I think it is quite mysterious. Every time I went to Thailand, one of the things that I enjoyed the most was being able to go to some interesting places with the local Thai fans, which they recommended. This is something that I rarely encounter in other countries, because I don’t get to go to foreign countries by myself for vacations that often. So, I really treasure every time that I get to go eat with the Thai fans or them bringing me to the park or helping me get a car. They are always very considerate.

Interviewer: All of you who have seen this book will know that the book is presented in the form of a scrapbook. Why did Zhou Mi choose to present his first book in this form?

Zhou Mi:  It’s because I am the kind of person who wants to do things quickly so when I think of something at a moment, I have to do it immediately because I’m scared I won’t be able to do it after a while. So when I was travelling in Thailand, I wrote some notes and journals, after writing for a few days I realised I could use this format and make it into a book that belongs to me. But of course at that time I was thinking of making a book for my personal collection or something that I can look back on. Then as I was writing it, I realised I could also add other things such as comic drawings, or designs, including some things that I cut and paste into the book. So I felt like it became a rich and colourful book, so I thought about sharing it with everyone and let people experience together with me what Thailand has to offer and the beautiful scenes there. I guess it also counts as sharing with everyone the journey of my travel experience.

Interviewer: So during the process of making the book, did you encounter any difficulties?

Zhou Mi: While writing “Thai Perfect”, the most difficult thing was…more than the words and design, the most difficult thing was making the traditional Chinese writing version, because in April we published a traditional Chinese writing version in Taiwan. For someone like me who grew up in the mainland and only wrote in simplified Chinese writing, writing in traditional Chinese writing is quite a challenge. I had to imitate the writing stroke by stroke and finished the book, but I am quite satisfied because I think my handwriting in the traditional Chinese writing is quite good.

Interviewer: So when you first saw this book, how did you feel?

Zhou Mi: When I saw the printed book for the first time, I thought “woah, it looks exactly as I imagined it to be” so I was very pleased, and then when I held the physical book, it was not like the loose pages that I wrote page by page, but the feeling of holding a whole solid book, I felt like I’ve accomplished a big dream of mine, which was to publish a book. So I had a sense of accomplishment.

Zhou Mi: Do you guys think I am handsome? If you do, please leave a “handsome” for me *Laughs*

Fan Question: The person I love has always been in my heart, approximately when will the new song come out?
Zhou Mi: Er, actually in these past 6 months you haven’t seen me much, most of them were group activities, but… actually (I) spent quite a lot of time to prepare this new song, er…but..the plan cannot be materialised yet… so hopefully next year, in the first half of the year, you guys can hear the new song. Yup, hopefully you guys will like it then.

Fan Question: It’s really Zhou Mi
Zhou Mi: Yes, it’s me. Ni hao ni hao!

Zhou Mi: Actually before publishing the simplified version, I discussed with the publisher about having something different than the traditional version so I thought about it and I wrote a letter, with some new illustration and words.
The writings part consists of things that I’ve wanted to tell you guys in the past few years, because since debut till now it’s been 5 years, and I’ve experienced a lot of things: from having many voices of objections at first to being slowly accepted now, people loving my voice, loving my songs, I feel that it’s a process that is worth remembering and looking back on. Because I love to sing a lot, singing has always been a dream that I will not give up.
Till now I still don’t think I’ve achieved the ideal state of success that I hope for, I hope I can hold onto this dream that will accompany me till…

Interviewer: The simplified version has been published and it not only retains the original writings of the book but also has an exclusive letter written just for the mainland fans. Besides this personally written letter, do you have other things that you want to say to your fans who have loved you all these years?

Zhou Mi: uh, hi guys (students), the audio got cut off at 1 minute, because it can only last for that long, so I will continue saying what I wanted to say, that is until one day when my dream of singing can become a reality to a point where I am satisfied, then I feel like this whole process is uh, very precious to my life, so I encourage those of you, friends and fans, who have dreams to go pursue them and don’t leave any regrets for your life because as young people, you don’t have to fear failures.

Fan Question: I want to ask Zhou Mi ah! Do you miss your family when you are in South Korea? Do you know that that is how your fans miss you too!
Zhou Mi: Hello, ni hao, I am Zhou Mi. Heheh. Actually when I am in Korea, I do miss home because I only get to go home once a year. Especially during the earlier years when there were not that many Chinese celebrities and friends in Korea. But in the past few years, there have been more Chinese debuting in Korea. We have formed a China line. There are a lot of young men and young women who are working hard in Korea. Hehe. We have each other for company so we are not as lonely anymore so I hope fans in China will support each and every person in the China line, ok?

Zhou Mi: Calling me husband (lao gong)? [laughs] I mean, in these twenty some years, actually no one has called me husband. [laughs] so, um, so, because actually calling them wife (lao po) is also following the other members because my personality is actually not this daring/open and I get embarrassed when saying this kind of intimate name. To be honest, when I posted a “lao po” on weibo the other day I felt gross for 10 minutes downstairs. I’m not saying the term “wife” (is gross) but I just don’t use this kind of cheesy words in real life. But actually, for the fans, since we don’t have girlfriends now, and the time fans spend accompanying us is actually more than our families’, so calling them wife is not that farfetched, it’s a term of endearment.  

Fan Question: Malaysia! Malaysia! Although it has not been more than a month, I hope you can come back soon XD
Zhou Mi: Hello Huitejunguilai (*name of the fan), ni hao, I am Zhou Mi. I really miss the fans in Malaysia. We had plans about doing book signing in Malaysia and Singapore so we’ll see if there is time and opportunity in the first half of next year, I hope I bring my new book “Thai Perfect” to go there and also sing for you all, ok?

Interviewer: So Zhou Mi, which name that your fans use do you like the most: Mr Zhou (Zhou Xian Sheng), Little Zhou (Zhou Xiao Mi) or Gentleman Mimi?

Zhou Mi: Actually, I think most people call me Zhou Mi usually. But since I gave myself the nickname “Gentleman Mimi” on the show Happy Together, a lot of overseas fans have started using it to write names for me. But, didn’t you guys say that you want to call me husband? I don’t really mind, but I’m just afraid that in public places like the airport, when suddenly so many people start calling me husband at once, it’ll bring weird gazes from other people. But actually whatever you call me, I am happy, because I am everyone’s Zhou Mi

Fan Question: Where does China line plan on going to have fun lately!?
Zhou Mi: Where will China line go to have fun lately? Hmm..we, lately, we thought since Christmas is coming soon, we should gather again because we’ve been busy with each of our new albums, activities, and concerts. Yes, we should find a time to meet in the near future. Don’t worry, when we meet we will definitely take photos and share with you guys the happy feelings of China line being together.

Fan Question: I want to ask Zhou Mi, China line’s radio show, are you guys still doing it?
Zhou Mi: Uh…everyone, please anticipate it.

Fan Question: Will you come to ShengYang? I don’t think so… cries
Zhou Mi: Xiaowenzi (fan’s name), ni hao. Em…ei, what do I want to say? [laughs] today, I want to chat about today, today a lot of fans who have always been with me came to Shanghai to support me. I also heard a lot of good news about fans, such as “recently I got married” or “recently I got pregnant”. I never thought that after debuting for 5 years, my fans have also had big changes and progress. I feel really happy and pleased because at least we accompany each other in our growth and we keep growing up and becoming more mature, and we share each other’s happiness in life. Wishing you, Xiaowenzi, a happy marriage and that you will be happy every day!
(note: This seems like a random response from Zhou Mi but he knows this fan, hence wishing her a happy marriage and etc)

Zhou Mi: I would like to ask everyone, do you guys…do you guys like this book “Thai Perfect” a lot? (*he said it in a cute way)

Interviewer: You’re being cute? You’re really photogenic! Does your family know that you are this handsome?
Zhou Mi: I think they don’t quite know. [laughs]

Fan Question: Will you come to Guangdong? Guangdong’s Mitangs have been anticipating
Zhou Mi: I hope I have the chance to go to Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau. And I will sing more Cantonese songs for you all, I will definitely keep this promise. Hopefully when I come out with the new song, I can go sing Cantonese songs live for you guys.

Interviwer: Everyone has been saying that your hosting of “Idols’ True Color” is great, will you continue to dj it?

Zhou Mi: Uh, “Idols’ True Color” is the first, a radio show that belongs to China line, which is the first Chinese radio show in Korea. It’s a show that does not have pressure, because we chat about some things in life and fun things to do in Korea. Conversing in Mandarin, it’s something that we feel at home/comfortable about.  For us, we also hope that this show is one that keep going so everyone please anticipate it!

Interviewer: I would like to ask you, the identities of singer, actor, host/MC, and author, what do they mean to you respectively?

Zhou Mi: Uh..to me being an actor is a very interesting job because you can experience other people’s life circumstances and experiences when you act. If I am not Zhou Mi the singer today, and if I were the character in the drama and having that kind of life, then I think that’s a very interesting experience. Being an author and writing a book is a dream that I’ve had since I was a child and I’ve never dreamed that I can really publish a book, so I guess I have achieved my dream of publishing a book. If I have the chance in the future, I would like to something else, something that is different from “Thai Perfect” the travel journal.

But, singing is probably the thing that I want to do the most in this lifetime. Because I’ve loved singing since young and singing on the stage, no matter if it’s singing fast or slow songs, I can express my feelings on stage, and share with everyone my feeling when I’m singing. My biggest dream is to one day have my own concert, yup. It doesn’t have to be big, I hope it can be an unplugged/acoustic concert, singing softly for you, me singing softly on stage for you, and looking at each pairs of eyes of the fans who support me in the audience, when I think about it, I feel that it’s a very blessed thing.

Fan Question: Do you like having your fringe up/showing your forehead hairstyle or the fringe down/smooth hair style?
Zhou Mi: In the first half of the year I liked having my hair up but the second half of the year I like having it down more. I also worry about whether to have my fringe up or down. So, please give me more opinions.

Fan Question: "If you are not brave, no one can be strong for you!" *smooch* You will be brave, I will also be brave, striving for the sake of our dreams (note: The fan quoted what is written on Zhou Mi's weibo bio)
Zhou Mi: Yes, this is a sentence that I like quite a lot because I feel like, when a person wants to realize his/her dream, there are a lot of internal and external factors that play into it. But if you don’t help yourself, no matter how much others help you it is useless because it has to start with yourself. So, I have been working hard in trying to produce better works and make better music, in order to reciprocate those of you who are waiting for my composition. At this time, perhaps I still can’t give you guys a definite date of when it will come out but I have not been idle but I’ve been working on the kind of music I love. So I hope you guys can be patient a bit more, and I hope I can let you guys hear my new song as soon as possible.

Interviewer: Will the “Thai Perfect” book signing go to any other places next?

Zhou Mi: Which other cities will “Thai Perfect” book signing go to? Actually personally I want to come to China more often to meet you guys in person but from what I know as of now, things are still in discussion. I hope I can go to more cities to interact with you guys. So, if I have book signing events, will you guys come?

Interviwer: After this broadcast, Zhou Mi will draw five lucky winners who will receive his signed books.

Zhou Mi: Hello hello, time flew by. Today I am very happy to come to Sohu to chat with everyone. This is also my first time chatting with everyone in such a direct manner. It’s just like chatting on Wechat with my friends. I hope that through the short interaction with everyone today, those of you who don’t know me as well can have an initial impression of me, and for those of you who have always loved and supported my music that we can continue walking on this journey together. Finally, I am grateful for all of you who came here to chat today, and those who went to the book signing today. Thank you everyone, I love you all. *Muacks*

Interviewer: Before leaving, one more photo! 

Trans by @qmiwook for @SunshineZhouMi
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If you would like to listen to Zhou Mi's voice messages for this interview you need to download the Sohu app, search Zhou Mi's name and choose the one circled in the below picture. 



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