Sunshine周覓's 2nd Anniversary Project!


Sunshine has made it to 2 years! We are so happy to still be here and helping to create a bridge between Zhou Mi and International Mitangs ^^ Our two main purposes are to make sure that Zhou Mi knows and feels the love of International fans, and so that International fans can get to know and love our Zhou Mimi by giving you photos and translations. Thankyou for your continued support 

For our 2nd anniversary we would like to make a video for Zhou Mi of mitangs holding signs with a message written on them by you~ your message must include the word "sun" or "sunshine"! For example: "you are my sunshine" or "you're my little sun". Please keep your message short (about 5-6 words maximum), and make sure it is easy to read in your photo! You can use the example sentences if you like, or make your own. 

If you have a sunshine towel you can take a photo with the towel and send it instead, showing either side of the towel is fine. We're sorry that the new batch of towels will not arrive in time for this project as they will start being sent out in about a week from now. 

Things you CAN do: 
-if you want, you can put your country name or flag on your sign or in the background of your photo. 
-use portrait or landscape photo.
-draw artwork on your sign, please feel free to be creative :)
-if you have a sunshine towel but reallyyyy want to make a sign, you can have the towel in the background of your photo instead.
-please show your face in the photo ^^
-please write only in ENGLISH

Things you CANNOT do:
-do not add graphics to your photo such as frame, stickers or writing
-if you use anything like OT15 in your photo anywhere it will not be included.
-do not make one sign and then take a lot of photos with different people holding it.. please make one sign per person.

Deadline is September 1st! Please do not procrastinate and then ask for an extension ㅠㅠ

Email your photo to sunshinezhoumiproject@gmail.com (please note this is a new email address).

If you would like to help translate this into another language please let me know~ I would appreciate it ^^


Edit: Now closed! 




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