[☀Project] Operation Smile! Zhou Mi's Birthday Project~ Final Report


Our Zhou Mi has a bright and influential smile that at times helps to cheer up a gloomy day that we have like a little superhero. With this image of a warm-hearted man, it gave us inspiration to do this year's birthday event this way. We want to help children who are in need. This year, we collaborate with the charity organisation Operation Smile to celebrate Zhou Mi's birthday. Gathering the strength of fans, everyone's love and charitable hearts brought together USD$1240.18. This amount can sponsor an operation table, for 10 children to undergo the cleft surgery and support the fees for their antibiotics. Because we are not sending gifts or doing food support this year, all the money raised goes to Operation Smile 100%.

Operation Smile is an non-governmental organisation that supports children in need who have cleft lip and other serious facial deformities by giving them access to free medical support offered by international medical professionals. Statistics show that, for every new life born into low and middle income countries, 1 in 10 children who suffer from this illness do not live beyond the age of one. If they manage to do so, they grow up amidst discrimination in their society and face many difficulties. As such, the cleft surgeries is important in rebuilding their smile and confidence and is a meaningful thing to do.

Building on the above theme, we also created a superhero for Zhou Mi, Smile Boy. His unique power is to wipe out his opponent with the power of his amazing smile. This year, we have gathered postcards from fans to make a photo album that is not just filled with love from the fans but some of them have also drawn their very own version of Smile Boy and how he has made them smile or given them courage.

We would like to sincerely thank all the fans who showed their generosity and enthusiasm in bringing this project together, without the support of mitangs we could never complete projects such as this and use our love for Zhou Mi in order to help other people. Together with the postcard album we are also giving Zhou Mi a list of the people who donated towards Operation Smile. This list will only be given to Zhou Mi so your privacy is maintained~

We hope our sweet boy Zhou Mi, who always brings us smiles and happiness, will always be happy and healthy and to have more and more fans with each passing day. Happy Birthday our little Sunshine!




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