[SJM Guesthouse] Auditions with Zhou Mi~ (with English translation)


~ 00:33 
Mi: Hello.
Fan (After Korean): My name is a bit weird.
Mi: You’re name is…?
Fan: Wu SiJin.
Mi: so what solo performance have you prepared today?

~01: 35
Mi: The member you like is Henry?
Fan: I like Henry the most. I like Zhou Mi too.
Mi: so I’m #2?
Fan: I like both equally.
Mi: Why do you like Henry?
Fan: Working in Korea by himself, he has a lot of talents, and he’s outgoing. I really like people who are outgoing.
Mi: So is your personality outgoing or…?
Fan: Outgoing!
Mi: So Henry is very noisy.
Fan: I know.
Mi: So when the two of you are together..
Fan: If he’s very noisy and I’m very quiet, wouldn’t it be very boring when we’re together?
Mi: I think Henry will really like you.
Fan: Really? Then you have to pick me.

Mi: Henry is the representative of the rich group. So he will probably use a high budget. If you’re together with him, what kind of Korea tour would you like to enjoy?
Fan: Only one? Let me think for a second. Korea tour? Then I really want to go to Busan or Jeju island because there are a lot of Koreans who want to go there for vacation. I want to go there and if possible, since we’re the rich group, go on a cruise.
Mi: By boat?
Fan: I also really want to go to…what’s it called again? Bungee jumping there…I want to try because I’ve never experienced it before.
Mi: Oh. Ok. Thank you. You’ve worked hard today. Bye bye.

Trans by @TsweetYumi for @SunshineZhouMi




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