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Zhou Mi works out frequently to prepare for “Stars Escape Room”, confident that stamina is the most advantageous.

On October 19th, ZheJiang TV all star secret chamber escape reality game show “Stars Escape Room”  will start airing at 22:00, the first espisode challenges high IQ, high EQ, high stamina “three high” candidates rose the curiosity of viewers, among female broadcaster Liu Yan, new variety VIP Sun Jian, comedy male god Guo Jingfei, whom have already been revealed, there’s another star that is worth watching—SJ-M Chinese member sunshine boy Zhou Mi has announced his participation. Zhou Mi, whom has always had a tall stature, has revealed that, to successfully pass “Stars Escape Room”, he’s been working out more frequently.

Zhou Mi works out frequently, confident that stamina is the most advantageous

The WuHan boy Zhou Mi whom debuting from KPOP idol group SJ-M, has captivated a great amount of fans using his handsome dance and perfect body shape right after debut. At the same time, [he’s] a singer, actor, host- a tri-amphibious entertainer, after the multi-talented Zhou Mi received the invitation from “Stars Escape Room”, he accepted the challenge with confidence.

After being asked his main advantage of passing secrete chambers, the 1.85m tall, hard six-pack abs Zhou Mi said himself that he’s increased his work outs, and is confident with his stamina: “I didn’t specially make preparations beforehand, but I’ve been working out continuously for 2 years, and has been increasing heaviness lately. To me, stamina isn’t a problem". After hearing Zhou Mi say this, what does the stars who are also facing the first challenge, Liu Yan, Sun Jian, Guo Jingfei, think?

Zhou Mi gets wet, abs and long legs gets revealed non-stop

According to our understanding, the first challengers in “Stars Escape Room”  will face abyss secret chamber, frozen secret chamber, fire line secret chamber, and deep water secrete chamber- the four tests. Among them the room that’s 3m in height, and the water chamber that’s up to shoulder level is the most difficult. Contestants must wear a diving suit to find and complete the tangrams that’s hidden underwater to pass the challenge.

But to Zhou Mi’s fans, who can see him wear a tight suit, revealing abs, long legs, while showing his intelligence at the same time is also a welfare. When media asked what he thinks of his image whilst wet, Zhou Mi smiled mysteriously: “My body has actually improved quite a lot from before, the suit that I just wore was quite tight, everyone will know what it’s like when watching the show”. October 19th, 22:00 golden time, Zhe Jiang TV all star secrete chambers escape reality show “Stars Escape Room” cannot be missed!

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