Trans [KKBox] Live Fan Chat with Zhou Mi


Note: This is a transcript of the live fan chat that Zhou Mi did for KKBox, it only shows Zhou Mi's replies and not the comments that were written by fans which he was responding to. 

(22:02 KKBOX HK Team : Hi everyone!!Zhou Mi is taking some photos to share with everyone~Please wait a moment~~ )
(22:04 The picture was uploaded)

(22:05 The picture was uploaded)

22:05 Hello everyone
22:06 Long time no see. Thanks for waiting everyone.
(22:07 KKBOX HK Team : Taiwanese friends please have some patience,due to copyright issues,the current song that Zhou Mi is playing is not made available in Taiwan,however everyone can continue to leave your messages~)
22:07 I am eating the mango sago that the company bought for me. It is tasty!
(22:09 The picture was uploaded )

22:10 I really want to sing the Cantonese version of Lovesick for everyone in Hong Kong !! Does everyone understand my new Cantonese song?
22:10 My Cantonese is better than Henry’s!!
22:11 I want to eat some fishball…
22:12 Tonight, the staff bought me food from Tsui Wah, what have you guys been eating?

22:13 Feel like singing for you guys soon, thank you for continuously supporting me! Really touched
22:14 Maybe I’ll go to Taiwan for promotions next month
22:15 When I am done with the magazine photoshoot tomorrow I’ll go to Macau for Super Show, are you guys going?

22:15 Macau’s curry beef brisket noodles are really appetising
22:16 Hahaha. I am really very hungry at the moment

22:17 Everyone please give a lot of support to my new album,this way I will feel really blissful ^_^
22:17 This time there isn’t any public fan meetings :-( Really feel like seeing everyone

22:18 I will be taking a boat to Macau. Taking a boat? Taking a boat is fun.
(22:18 Fan: Why don't you take a helicopter? kkkk )
22:19 Helicopter? Why?

(22:19 KKBOX HK Team: Zhou Mi is now playing: LOVE TONIGHT~ )
22:19 This time in Hong Kong, there aren’t any public appearance to see everyone, so I am disappointed.
(22:20 The picture was uploaded )

22:20 I’m cute because I am only 18.
22:20 hahahaha

22:21 Where is everyone from?
22:22 There are even Malaysian friends! Haha! Hello to you all.
22:22 I really feel like taking a walk outside.
(22:22 Fan : From Zhou Mi’s heart )
22:23 From my heart! Awesome one!

(22:23 KKBOX HK Team : Zhou Mi is now playing: Why~)
22:23 Which song do you guys like from the album?
22:25 Because of my Hong Kong fans,I worked hard to produce a Cantonese single!!! I’m really happy

(22:25 Fan : Can you give us a glimpse of you half naked? )
22:25 The staff are next to me, I cannot take my clothes off like this, cannot snap photos of me half naked….
(22:26 Fan : Then how about we change it to make-up removal Half bare face XDDDD )
22:26 Asking me to remove my make up…… Bad people
22:27 There are too many people here, I cannot hit all of them unconscious

22:27 My Cantonese song. Hahaha. Very excited!
(22:27 KKBOX HK Team : Now playing: LOVESICK~ )
22:28 Cantonese is really hard
22:29 Henry’s cantonese is really bad,don’t ask him to teach me anymore. haha. I want to learn from Jackson!!
22:31 My younger brother, Jackson from Hong Kong is really cute.

22:31 I really like Joey Yung’s and Janice Vidal’s song!
22:33 This is a song I really like,Elder Brother!!! I know how to sing it
22:34 Initially I wanted to sing it at a fan meeting in Hong Kong for everyone, but the company reviewed and said that it was weird for a guy to be singing elder brother.
(22:34 Fan : Sing Elder Sister )
22:35 Renaming it to Elder Sister….. You win

22:36 I like Yan Hong Hong (red-eyed). I will always sing it at KTV.
22:37 In future if I can come to Hong Kong for a fan meeting,I want to sing many Cantonese songs for everyone.

22:43 Hahaha. They are songs I listened to in high school.
22:44 I am 18 years old,these are things I listened to when I was 8.
22:45 The songs that I select for broadcast have the staff singing along with them.
22:46 I really like these type of songs from back then

22:49 Is At Gwanghwamun a better song or Rewind?
22:49 Those who said Rewind, let me give you a treat.
22:50 Those who said At Gwanghwamun, go find Kyuhyun and ask him to give you a treat!

22:52 All the best to the Hong Kong students who are preparing for a major exam!!!

22:52 I really love Cantonese songs!!!!!
22:53 Be a cat be a dog and not a lover
22:56 Stronger through singing, Joey Yung’s song
22:56 Really feel like meeting everyone, This time I could not meet you guys when I cam to Hong Kong, I am really sad

22:59 I will leave Hong Kong for Macau tomorrow after my magazine overshoot, really happy to be here in Hong Kong for promotions! Hope that I get to come back soon to meet my families in Hong Kong! I love you all! Please love me too!!
22:59 If not I’ll be really sad…..^_^
23:00 It’ s the last song already…

(23:00 KKBOX HK Team: Now Playing: Rewind~~~ )
23:00 Rewind,I am very glad to be chatting with everyone today,it’s very fun
23:01 I love pork buns,I love mango sago,I love fish ball
23:01 i love HK
23:03 I will diligently work on my Cantonese,to sing more Cantonese songs for everyone! My aim, is to produce a Cantonese album! Everyone please contact Media Asia!! They are the ones in charge of album production!!
23:03 I have to take my leave~ I love all of you!
23:03 Love u

Song List for the day:
1. Rewind (Korean Version)
2. Why (Color-blind) (Korean Version)
3. Without You
4. Lovesick
5. Loving You
6. Love Tonight
7. Rewind
8. Why (Color-blind)
9. Lovesick (Cantonese Version)
10. 周覓 (Zhou Mi) From SUPER JUNIOR M - 不留紀念 (Goodbye)
11. 周覓 (Zhou Mi) - Because Of You
12. 衛蘭 (Janice) - 大哥 (Elder brother)
13. Twins(蔡卓妍,鍾欣潼) - 眼紅紅 (Red-eyed)
14. Twins(蔡卓妍,鍾欣潼) & Boy’z- 死性不改 (Stubbornness)
15. 容祖兒 (Joey Yung) - 未知 (Unknown)
16. 圭賢 (Kyuhyun) - At Gwanghwamun
17. 古巨基 (Leo Ku) - 愛與誠 (Love & Honesty)
18. 容祖兒 (Joey Yung) - 越唱越強 (Stronger through Singing)

Chinese transcript by love_覓覓-奕
Chi to Eng trans by @Vanet9 for @SunshineZhouMi




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