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[00:00] Joining Hong Kong’s music scene as a Chinese member of SJM, Zhou Mi.
[00:04] Hello everyone. This is Zhou Mi.
[00:07] Having debuted for 7 years, can you share with the audience one thing or person most memorable to you?
[00:16] Although I feel that my debut isn’t easy, like it was not smooth-sailing for me, but I find that it was tougher for my fans.
[00:26] Xuan Dong Zhou Mi’s Music Special. Hello everyone, this is Zhou Mi. Long time no see. 
[00:31] - [00:39] Rewind
[00:40] - [01:02] The time now is 5.35pm and you are listening to Hong Kong Radio Station Channel 2, The Korean Wave. Later on, we will bring to you Zhou Mi’s interview. SJ-M’s Zhou Mi dropped by recently for the interview and we talked about a lot of things as this was not our first meeting with him. Since it is during the Chinese new year, he will first give our listeners a New Year’s greeting.
[01:02] Happy New Year! Here’s wishing everyone good health. Having a lot of money or having a successful career should be built on good health, then only will everything ahead be smooth. Hope that in this new year, everyone will not have too much stress, and will be able to find the job that they are satisfied with and the love that they want~
[01:44]- [02:20] It is a very rare opportunity for Hong Kong fans to see Zhou Mi promoting in HK. There was a lot of things on the agenda within the short time frame of a few days, including a visit to Hong Kong Radio Station. Before his visit, we have collected and looked through the questions fans have for him on Facebook and Weibo. I have also tried to ask Zhou Mi as many of them as possible within the short period of time we have. The main purpose of Zhou Mi’s visit to Hong Kong this time is to promote his first solo album, called “Rewind”. However, the first time he received his own album…was unexpectedly like this:
[02:20] When I first got the album, it was when I was doing my album promotions in Korea. I was doing my performance and then my fan went to support me and gave it to me. So mine was not given to me by the company.
[02:28] This… you did not have a chance
[02:29] I didn’t have one of my own. The company didn’t give me.
[02:30] Since it’s your first time having an album, didn’t you feel nervous and bothered about your image that you drop by a CD shop and get interested to find out if you sell out well? Did you do that?
[02:41] Actually it is supposed to be like this, but then because at that time I was really busy with album promotion so I didn’t have time to head down to the CD store. So the first time I got it was when my fan showed it to me and then she took it away.
[02:51] You yourself didn’t get it… in the end?
[02:53] After that I said “aren’t you giving this to me?” So in the end, she gave me one, my fan. So at that time when I got my first album, I was really excited and after I got it, about a week after the album came out, I was at a scheduled promotion and there was a break of about an hour. I went out with my manager to buy the CD.
[03:09] - [03:35] Many audience may be curious about this: by right “The Korean Wave” should broadcast Korean songs, why is there a guest who can speak Cantonese and Chinese? Actually Zhou Mi is a Chinese who went to Korea for his career. He mentioned that he bought a few CDs to show some support for himself. Then who will he give the CD to?
[03:36] I gave my mother.
[03:37] - [03:43] Then we are really curious about something. What was your mother’s reaction when she received the album?
[03:43] Actually my mother also waited a long time. But she didn’t say anything special. She just said that as long as I am healthy, it was fine. She would have been really worried about me if I let her know too much stuff.
[03:54] - [04:06] We can tell Zhou Mi is a filial son from the conversation. Actually, seeing how you are on TV shows frequently, and also hosting shows, your mother will not be worried about you.
[04:06] - [05:03] Song: LOVE TONIGHT
[05:03] - [05:34] In this new album Rewind, there are both Korean and Chinese songs. It is a fortunate thing for Chinese (speaking) fans. What we heard before is the new hit song Rewind (Korean version) feat. Chanyeol from EXO-K. What we just heard is also a collaboration with an friend, feat. Tao from EXO-M, Love Tonight. Zhou Mi has put in a lot of effort in this album. 
[05:35] I thought about alot. And the producer of this album is H.O.T’s Kangta. We kept holding meetings to discuss what type of songs we should do for the album’s title and I said that I wanted to try a dance number. So we looked through a lot of songs. And after the recording, many songs also got cut. There are 6 songs in this album and they were songs we really handpicked from the lot. The lyrics of the songs in this album are penned by me.
[05:55] - [06:12] Actually, all along, Zhou Mi has put in effort in the song writing aspect. Other than writing songs for SJ-M, he has also wrote songs for artistes from other companies and also put in effort in learning song writing.
[06:12] - [06:52] Song: LOVE TONIGHT
[06:52] - [07:21] I did hear about his plans to release a solo album the last time I met him. Just now, he mentioned he wanted to try dance songs, but I remembered he said something different last time. (To ZM) The last time I saw you, u said you wanted to release an album featuring ballads. 
[07:17] Did I say that?
[07:21] People will always change somehow.
[07:24] I remember the question was like this last time: Won’t you want to dance?
[07:28] What did I say? No?
[07:28] You said no. 
[07:33] I’m so sorry. I lied.
[07:33] - [07:47] After that we asked whether you will invite other SJ-M members to be dancers, you said no. But now why do you want to try dance songs suddenly?
[07:47] Because the last time I came, I haven't produced my single. Last year, around March, I released my single with SM the Ballad. <Too Greedy> After that release, I realised that all the songs I have produced were all ballads. So I wanted to change. Have a new style for everyone. So I discussed with the company for a long time. I was also afraid that the company wouldn’t agree to this. I have been researching and practicing alot, so eventually this mid-tempo dance number Rewind came out.
[08:16] - [08:48] Song: TOO GREEDY 
[08:48] - [09:17] I was really happy during the interview. A singer from Korea can be so friendly and still remembers our previous conversation. As a star, Zhou Mi really has no airs about him. Previously included in the SMTown collaboration, Too Greedy.
[09:17] - [10:48] Song: TOO GREEDY 
[10:48] - [11:17] It is now 5.45pm. You are listening to Hong Kong Radio Station Channel 2. (Radio frequency details) The reason for giving the details is to let everyone know where to catch this interview. A lot of people from different areas left messages to ask Zhou Mi questions. (To Zhou Mi) Your fans left some questions for you on our Facebook page.
[11:17] Do you still have a toned physique?
[11:18] Yes I do.
[11:19] Why do you keep it? People thought it is all gone.
[11:22] It is even slightly bigger now.
[11:24] Song:  LOVING YOU
[11:28] “Do you still have muscles?” This question is really true. In his new MV, we can see the results from his training.
[11:39] - [12:34] Song: LOVING YOU
[12:34] - [12:50] F(x)’s Victoria has collaborated with him in this new album for the song Loving You. Zhou Mi has put in a lot of time to train for the muscles. There is only one reason for this—for his fans.
[12:50] At that time, fans come telling me to eat more. I consistently do exercise. But every time when I do my activities then I would get thin again. My fans didn’t really see me in my best. So this time I was determined to buff up. Then show everyone through my MV that I can actually look good with a nice toned body after exercising.
[13:09] - [14:06] Song: LOVING YOU
[14:08] - [14:25] What Zhou Mi wants to tell the audience most is that a song he wrote (music arrangements) himself is included in the Hong Kong version of this album. It is a Cantonese song.
[14:26] Because I am someone who loves to sings ballads. From young I have listened to many of them and there are many different melodies in my head. It was thus pretty fast when I wrote songs because the music arrangements come up quite quickly and the lyrics were to be matching of the song. As the melody was melancholic, the lyrics could not be too happy hence I imagined myself to have fallen out of love and then thinking about my ex-girlfriend. But because in the cantonese version, I didn't know how to write these feelings into lyrics so we engaged another lyricists from Hong Kong. He wrote it really well but I felt that the pronunciation was really hard for me and I was really scared that if I recorded it, my Hong Kong fans would not understand what I was singing, so I recorded for 7 to 8 hours, that entire song.
[15:01] That’s a very long time.
[15:02] Because when I recorded one version, less than 2 hours I’d be finished with the recording. After that when I thought about it, I feel that I cared too much about the pronunciation that it was really heavy and it sounded unnatural. Therefore, I learnt many methods that helped in recording a cantonese song. Then, in future if I have a chance to record a cantonese song I can do it better and sound more like a local singing cantonese songs.
[15:25] - [15:34] The song is called “Yi Ren De Ji Mo (Lovesick)”. He proposed this song to the company with a lot of courage.
[15:34] The company found it very hard to comprehend because they have never released a Cantonese song. So they felt, oh? you are from the mainland. Why do you want to produce a Cantonese song? I said it is because I like the language and I promised my Hong Kong fans that I would produce one. So the company gave me a chance to try. And I said that if it was successful then I would put it in the Hong Kong version and let everyone have a listen. 
[15:53] - [16:03] A lot of audience is curious about his future plans. For both the song Lovesick and for future, he has some specific plans.
[16:04] I was initially thinking that the Hong Kong version I wanted to film an MV in Hong Kong. When I was younger I used to watch many MVs of Hong Kong stars. Filming in Hong Kong has a lot of local taste and I really wanted to do something like that. Singing my song and acting in my own MV. But it was really a regretful thing because I didn’t have enough time for this. I hope that if I have a chance to sing yet another cantonese song in future, I can film the MV in Hong Kong.
[16:31] - [16:53] Song: WITHOUT YOU
[16:54] - [17:38] The audience may have some queries. Talking about his muscles and showing how to dance to Rewind, how to catch all these? Very soon, you will be able to watch Zhou Mi’s interview on our app. To the fans, it may be difficult to get to enjoy the live Cantonese version. I have asked Zhou Mi to perform the Cantonese version.  
[17:39] Oh no.. What should I do?
[17:41] He looks really nervous right now. This time it’s the real one
[17:59] - [18:10] This song sung for Hong Kong fans, Lovesick (Cantonese Version).
[19:45] - [20:32] Before Zhou Mi debuted as a member of SJ-M, he was already active in the showbiz. From participating in a competition, to debuting with SJ-M in April 2008, to last December when he finally had the chance to release his first solo album. A lot of people may feel that Chinese debuting in Korea should be an opportunity to become really hot and popular and to show their talents. However, they have to experience a lot of stress along the way, including controversy regarding their identities. But it is with the support of fans that they have managed to come this far. (To Zhou Mi) You have debuted for seven years. Can you share with the audience a most unforgettable memory or person?
[20:34] In 2012 I filmed a series in Shenzhen and I was here for about 4 months. At that time, many Hong Kong fans would go to Shenzhen and visit the film site. They don’t live in Shenzhen but they would take a ferry across to Shenzhen, afraid that I might lose my voice, fall ill, catch a cold. They came everyday to film my series with me. Right now, I have Hong Kong friends who would go with me to many different places, watch my performance. I feel that my debut was not very smooth-sailing but my fans have it harder. They follow me as I rush to my activities. When I am filming, they have to rush over in their vehicles and plane to watch me. I find that it is to me, a really huge form of encouragement. I will always put their love for me in my heart, let it be my motivation and strength.
[21:15] - [21:28] Song: LOVESICK (CANTONESE VERSION)
[21:28] - [21:36] To sing a Cantonese song, and to be able to build a career in Korea as a Chinese member, it is already a great achievement.
[21:36] Song: WHY
[21:45] - [21:57] In this solo album, the song I like most is actually this song. Other than showing his ability in song writing, it also shows that he sings very well in Korean.
[21:57] - [22:50] Song: WHY
[22:50] Hi friends from Hong Kong, this is Zhou Mi. It’s been a long time since we last met. I have also waited for a long time before I could bring this album to see all of you in Hong Kong. I am really thankful for all your support since the past. It is with your support that I have this, my first mini solo album. I have also worked hard at preparing a Cantonese version of Lovesick for everyone. Right now, I still have not prepared to sing this song live for you yet. In future when I comeback, I will prepare really well for a live rendition of this song when I’m in my best condition. I have always been thinking about all of you. Please take care of your health.
[23:32] Song: WHY
[24:15] - [24:42] Everybody take note! The Korean Wave will have a short video which includes Zhou Mi teaching his dance, him singing, and also a segment to let everyone know that I have passed all your messages for him to his hands. And here is a song from this album, WHY.
[24:42] - [25:13] Song: WHY

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