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Zhou Mi. Goodbye fragile heart, goodbye negativities!

Starting out as a powerful charming boy group SJ-M, Zhou Mi was not an outstanding member initially, until he became a composer for many songs, he rose to stardom; In 2014, he released his single <Too Greedy>, and then his album <Rewind>. Recently, also in the midst of debut as a solo artiste in Korea. This idol singer who hails from Wuhan China, and is doing his activities in Korea, is finally seeing the odds in his favour.

The solo album took 2 years of preparation before it was really released in the market. To Zhou Mi, that is just “awaiting the right time”. For 2 years, he steadily worked and researched “I have been accepting songs from as early as 2013, for example <Too Greedy> was one that I received and recorded early.” This long period of 2 years, of course I’d heard many criticisms, people ask, Zhou Mi, what are you busy with recently?

“It’s odd, because when training my patience, I ended up getting absorbed into the world of composition. Apart from filling lyrics, I am learning music composition as well.” After pausing for 2 seconds, he scrunched his nose a little, “the longer the process of waiting, the noisier my surroundings got. As such, apart from music, I also learnt to face various kinds of stress: secondary environment and also from within.” Music rang throughout the photo studio, Zhou Mi laid  basking in the sunlight, with a warm smile on his face.

The 5 years, Zhou Mi took them as a period to grow mature. “ Although in between, I do get SJ-M schedules, acted in dramas, but I feel that I was not having enough of self-development as part of a team. In the past year, the long-awaited opportunity came and I was aggressive at grabbing it!” This year, became the busiest since his career for Zhou Mi, he’s had a radio show, his own live music show, released his solo debut album and single, and slightly earlier also wrote the travelogue <Thai Perfect>, “If it was not for the wait, I may not have tried out composing, writing lyrics and books, hence the wait id me good, at least I know how to make use of my time well, how to improve myself, and take a leap forward!”

Zhou Mi who is an Aries, born in Wuhan, used to be a pretty impatient person.  “I was previously studying in the University, I wanted to be a singer, so I had to take part in competitions, because I felt that this was the only way.” Right now, Zhou Mi has learnt to organise his time, “For example solo album is not released yet, so I’ll go figure out lyrics writing, do some things, write a book, have initiative in looking for opportunities. Then my wait would be much more effective, I’ll not feel too bad as well!” He playfully stretched his hands in a bid to grab a ray of sun, lying amongst a nest of pillow, a enthusiastic boy who does not have an envious heart.

“I was not a singer born with a golden spoon in my mouth.” Sitting in the front of the makeup mirror, Zhou Mi said honestly “If others started from zero, then I must have started from negative, others got to 100 from 0, but I got from a -100 to 0 and then to a positive number. It has its pros and cons, right up till now, I am still growing each day amidst all the criticisms. Growing up of course includes “growing some hearts” for myself, and since it is as such, I should not hide nor pretend to erase anything, directly face everyone, show them my will and determination, use my actions to dissolve all the preconceptions they had about me.

Zhou Mi is also someone who is willing to make fun of himself, especially saying that he “does not very kind” , “looks a little too smart”, and may have resulted in people mistaking him for his ego, “but I am really a person who can get pretty foolish, straight-forward in speaking my mind and my actions.” What’s unique about Zhou Mi is that he can go on and on talking when he gets a topic to talk about. Others may think that this is because he is attempting to make full use of his onscreen them since he does not get much of the limelight but <Femina China> feels that it is in his personality to not have periods of awkward silence with others. Indeed, he admitted to “being the one in charge of livening up the mood!” Among his friends, Zhou Mi is the big brother. He takes care of “livening up the atmosphere” and is a happy virus. In a party, he would make sure everyone is in high spirits and will give comfort to his friends when they are feeling down and out. Chinese who debut in Korea actually have a small but close-knitted group known as ChinaLine, Zhou Mi admits “Among them, I am the oldest, it’s the feeling being being a leader?” This leader, definitely has to be in charge of keeping everyones’ spirits up, gathering popularity and making everyone happy. “Everyone is pretty outgoing, so sometimes one would think, ah, what are these people doing?! Why are they so happy?!”

For now, Zhou Mi is slowly taking steady steps at the early Spring that came for him, enjoying the light he gets from his works. In the face of a gentle breeze, he holds his charming and determined look, with the sunlight kissing his well-toned chest. “ Really excited to have produced my own album, getting a hand in hosting using Korean in Korea, publishing a book, composing. These are things I’ve dreamt of but haven’t been able to do for a long time, hence I am really grateful too. I think, people who like me, would also be very proud of all these that I’m doing!”

Heart warming Answers from warm guy, Zhou Mi

Q: Do you prefer people to compliment your looks, good acting skills, or your good vocals?
A: Of course it is singing. In the past, I used to like it that people said I was handsome, but subsequently I realised that fans will say that even if I was no longer charming, seeing me sing, they would still feel that I am the best. Wow. That is really overflowing love. No matter what, I am still a singer!

Q: Would you give girls little surprises?
A: I would buy her presents, but I don’t really know what women are thinking. Even if I buy gifts, it is not necessarily romantic, girls think that it is “right”. In the end I learnt my lesson, adding to that is my straight-forward personality, so I will discuss with the girl about the surprises she likes to receive. When I get my answer, I may prepare accordingly because it seems more reliable that way. Really, if I prepare it on my own something that is “ romantic” or “a surprise”, it usually ends up boring.

Q: How boring does it get? To the point that your girlfriend would be angry?
A: It is not to that extent. Between my group of close friends, I have female friends, when everyone has their respective birthdays we would gift presents, but whatever I give them is usually not what they like. It has been like this for a few times already. I’ve been called the “guy who is worst at pleasing girls” among my friends. Furthermore, I have been so busy with my career that I have no time to date or have many experiences in love. Subsequently, I might put in more effort to find love as time left is getting pretty short, if not I’m really going to end up a bachelor for life…

Q: What kind of presents did you give that were unfitting? Give us an example.
A: I gave perfumes, money pouches, things I really like and felt like the person receiving it would love too. I keep a collection of perfumes from across the globe, bought them from when I had schedules overseas and I gave friends some limited editions ones but they said the fragrances weren’t right! Actually, the fragrances isn’t the most important. At times, the bottles look really nice too, can be used as a decoration for the room, not necessarily have to be used (really, is the smell that important……) alright, in future I will just buy a cake, no matter what it will be eaten.

Q: Will this make you try to improve yourself in terms of being a romantic man?
A: It is tiring to purposely try to be romantic. A natural relationship wouldn’t need such acts. Honestly, I will be really good to my girlfriend, maybe because I am too nice, people tend to make fun of me about it. The friends I have around me are a good mix of males and females. At times when I take care of some of the females the guys would say that I’m doing it wrong because girls don’t fall for nice guys. They take nice guys like a father. If it’s not a bad boy, girls won’t like them…… They give me a lot of suggestions. But I have no choice, this is me, if I decide that you are my friend, then I would treat you very well.

Q: What does this “well” comprise of?
A:Basically it’s not that difficult a request I would help her. Holding her bag, opening the car door these things are too easy. In Korea, there is a standard group we hang out with really well. One time when we are driving around in Korea after our schedules and one of our friends hasn’t gotten an umbrella, the person dropped a call saying “Xiao Mi I’m outside, it’s raining.” I asked “So?” and the person asked “ Can you pick me up?” I really drove to get her and took her home. I think because people trust me, hence they call me. Although she is not my girlfriend and only a close friend, being overseas and we are all Chinese, we should help each other out. And it feels like a 2nd family.

Q: So in the future if you have a girlfriend, would you be even better to her, like a warm guy?
A: Not necessarily. I think she might be jealous most of the time because I am out and busy taking care of my close friends. Currently I do not have a girlfriend, I find that my close friends are really important. Some things are better said to close friends than family because it is easier to tell them, and family would worry. Actually being out there, close friends may not be able to really provide you the assistance that you need but because everyone is trying to make a living out there, we understand each other better.

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