[Updated] Men to the Left, Women to the Right: Zhou Mi's full phone call to f(x)'s Victoria~


MC: Next, we'd like to ask Zhou Mi.
Mi: I'll call Victoria Song, then.
MC: Victoria Song, oh!
(once they make the call)
Victoria: Hello?
Mi: Hello?
Victoria: Eh? Zhou Mi!
Mi: How did you know it was me?
Victoria: I heard your voice.
Mi: What are you doing?
Victoria: I'm at home. I just got back from outside.
Mi: Were you working? Then have you taken your makeup off yet?
Victoria: I took it off!
Mi: Ah, you took- you took your makeup off?
Victoria: Mm, why?
Mi: I suddenly wanted to drink coffee.
Victoria: Coffee?
Mi: Is anyone at your house?
Victoria: No. It's night time, why would you drink coffee? Are you not afraid of not being able to sleep?
Mi: I don't have any promotions tomorrow, it's okay. Isn't it okay for you too tomorrow?
Victoria: Hey, you don't have any promotions tomorrow, but I do, okay?
Mi: Then that... What I'm saying to you, it's not... I wanted to talk with you about some things, because I haven't been in a good mood, lately.
Victoria: Are you heartbroken?
Mi: I'm not, I'll tell you, I went to the Mainland to participate in an activity- participate in an activity, and then I danced, and then they insisted that one of the guests danced better than I did. So afterwards, I thought it was quite-
Victoria: Surely a lot of people danced better than you did! You're still laughing. Even as you say you're not in a good mood, you're still laughing. Okay, then just wait for me a while.
Mi: Okay, you'll wait-
(everyone starts clapping and cheering)
Victoria: What's happening?
Guest: Victoria. Victoria! I'm Ou Di.
Victoria: Ah, hel- What's that? Hello!
Guest: (repeats) What's that?
Zhang Yu: Victoria. I'm Dad.
Victoria: Who?
Zhang Yu: I'm Ou Di's father.
Guest: Victoria, I've brought my father with me to propose to you!
Victoria: That's not right, you guys are filming a show, aren't you? What is this?
Zhang Yu: Hello, hello, Victoria, hello. I'm Zhang Yu. Right now, we're filming "Men to the Left, Women to the Right," this show. We had Zhou Mi call you. If he was successful in inviting you to drink coffee with him, then he'd succeed. So you can say that you agreed to go with him just now, right?
Victoria: Right.
Zhang Yu: Okay. Congratulations!
Guest: Congratulations! Thank you, thank you, Victoria Song.

Trans by @jesstoast for @SunshineZhouMi
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