[130526] Mag V: Zhou Mi loves to shop *too* much


Zhou Mi loves to shop too much……being a member of popular korean band super junior-M, Zhou Mi released a travel book recently, instead of writing about Korea where he has lived for a long time, (he wrote about) tropical Thailand. He said, the first time I went to Thailand was for work, and fell in love with their local cuisine and fashion ever since, especially shopping for clothes in Bangkok, the bold and colorful designer ready-to-wear, always making him lose his sanity as he shops, (ending up with so much) loots cannot fit into his wardrobe anymore.
Because most of them are brand new, the stylists always loan clothes from him for other artists!

(t/n: In the article's title there is a word pun, "thai" was used to replaced the "too", because both characters sound the same in chinese.)

Trans by @myeoIchi for @SunshineZhouMi
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