[130524] Zhou Mi Bar's 8th anniversary weibo post and Zhou Mi's reblog:


@周觅吧:【献礼】#觅吧八周年#第一波!2005年5月24日-2013年5月24日,这八年感谢所有喜欢周觅的朋友陪伴觅吧,有你们才有今天觅吧的温暖。周觅是觅吧的大太阳,你们就是觅吧的小太阳。饭制觅吧八周年视频by:@顾清秋 http://t.cn/zHGXhGu 我们期待着未来的他还将以更多身份展现自己!@周觅_SJM 加油!
[Trans] ZhouMiBar: [Tribute] #Mi Bar Eighth Anniversary# first post! From May 24, 2005 to May 24, 2013, through these eight years, we thank all of our friends who like Zhou Mi who have accompanied Mi Bar; it’s thanks to you that Mi Bar can be so warm today. Zhou Mi is Mi Bar’s sun, and you guys are Mi Bar’s little suns. Fanmade Mi Bar eighth anniversary video by: @顾清秋 http://t.cn/zHGXhGu. We look forward to his even more dignified image in the future! @周觅_SJM jiayou!

Zhou Mi's reblog
@周觅_SJM: 谢谢你们从出道前一直的陪伴,总觉得带给大家的太少,太多要做想做的事都还没有一一实现,接下来的日子要带给你们更多惊喜,觅吧八周年快乐[蛋糕]
[Trans] Thank you for your companionship from even before I debuted; I always feel like what I bring to everyone is too little. There’s too much that I want and need to do that still hasn’t happened yet; in the coming days, I want to bring everyone even more surprises. Happy eighth anniversary, Mi Bar[蛋糕]

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