[131102] Food Support for DJ Mi at 偶象本色 (Idol True Colours) first recording~


@zhoumi_419: 谢谢歌迷们送来的应援食物,好多啊^^蛋糕好好吃,谢谢大家,我爱你们! 
[Trans] Thanks to fans who sent me the food support, there was so much ^^ The cake was really good, thank you everyone, I love you all! 

(Trans by @TsweetYumi for @SunshineZhouMi)

On Saturday November 2nd, Sunshine周覓 together with Million覓戀 (Chinese fansite) and 愛NI愛NI_Zhoumi (Korean Fansite) provided food support to the first recording of the bora (viewable) radio show Zhou Mi will be co-hosting with Miss A's Fei and Jia called  偶象本色 (Idol True Colours). 

Food support included:
Drinks: Vitamin water, Hello Kitty water, Orange juice, Strawberry smoothie, Yoghurt drink, sparking lemon water. 
Fresh sandwiches
Cream cheese mousse cakes
Puddings (chocolate, lemon, blueberry)
Assorted snacks: biscuits, brownies, wafers, throat candies, energy bars, gourmet pepero etc.
Main meal: Salads (2 choices), miso soup, rice, tebasaki chicken, fruit, assorted bento sets (5 different meat/flavour choices), special bento set for Zhou Mi (he got the BIG one ^^)

Drinks, snacks, meals and support stickers were all collected and prepared on the day and passed to the manager outside MBC at 8pm that night. Zhou Mi tweeted around 1:30am that night to say thankyou for the food support, posting a selca with it~ ^^ The next day when Sunshine master Fi met Zhou Mi by coincidence in Apgujeong he asked if we planned the support and thanked us again for it. He said he received it and he was so happy for the support. 

(Thankyou to @BySJ_Town master for letting us use her apartment as our "headquarters" and fielding our phone calls throughout the day, and biggest thanks to @teemojjing who is actually master of "Show me the Kyuhyun" fanpage which is part of the SJ Town union, she stood in for AiniAini's master who was not able to help due to being out of town.)




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