Sunshine Support [140520] Food Support and Birthday Project for Zhou Mi to Idol True Colours~


Thankyou to all the fans who took part in our birthday card project~ we are so happy we were finally able to pass them to him even though it was a bit late for his birthday. I am sure he was very very happy and amazed to see all your beautiful cards and supportive words ^^

We are really to be able to do food support to Idol True Colours once again, thanks to this show we are able to see our Zhou Mi every week even when he doesn't have SJM schedules :) As part of the support we also gave a gift and card to Fei and Jia to thank them for allowing us to see Zhou Mi's true colours through the radio show also ^^

Thanks to the other fansites who joined this project: Aini Aini, Zhou Mi (Korea), Million覓戀 (Hong Kong), J-Meetangs (Japan), MitangsThailand and HoneysPH (Philippines) and to all the fans who either gave donations or sent a card, no matter what country you are from we are all here for Zhou Mi and that is what is important :)

Zhou Mi received our support well! 

Twitter Trans: @zhoumi_419 I ate well!!!!!!! Thankyou very much ^^

Weibo Trans: @周觅_SJM Thanks fans for sending all the food support  everyone is praising you guys  very heartwarming and very delicious! Today is 520, I love you 




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