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Trans [Easy magazine] Interview with Zhou Mi: True Love Just For You


Zhou Mi who has just released a travel book, <Thai Perfect>, accepted an interview with Easy. Maybe it’s because he takes up the position of a host often, Zhou Mi who loves to make jokes has turned the onsite interview into a sea of laughter. While being amusing, he is also very serious when it comes to his work.

Q: You recently hosted a Chinese radio show <Idol True Colours>, how was it like hosting a Chinese programme while in Korea?
ZM: Very relaxing, because I was using my mother tongue. And my co-hosts were Jia and Fei from Miss A. We are very good friends off-screen, and to be able to work with my good friends with the addition of being able to use my mother tongue, so I was especially relaxed and not nervous.

Q: Did this programme have any special meaning for you?
ZM: For us Chinese who are struggling and working hard in Korea, this programme is especially significant. After having known each other for so long, we always chat with each other and say, “When will we have a programme that belongs to China Line?” and then this chance came along, with MBC looking for us, telling us that they wanted to have such a programme, so of course we said yes.

Q: Are you the leader of China Line?
ZM: To be honest, we do not actually have any leader of sorts. But of course, if we go according to our age, I will be the first, then I won’t be so willing (to be the leader already) hahaha! In this group, everyone has their own jobs. For example, one member would frequently ask, “Should we meet up?” and that person might be EXO’s Tao, or it can also be the Tasty twins. For Jia, she is more enthusiastic, she is specially in charge of contacting everyone. As for me, everytime we have a gathering I will sometimes be in charge of the speech, because I am the oldest. So it’s rather fun actually.

Q: Are there any requirements or conditions in order to be part of this Line?
ZM: Actually when we formed this Line, we did not state that you have to a member of any popular group to be able to join us. You just need to be a Chinese who has debuted in Korea, and we’ll greatly welcome you to be part of us. Firstly, to struggle alone in a foreign land is actually very tiring. For people like us who only went over (to Korea) after becoming an adult, we will be able to withstand such struggles, but currently there is a group of smaller kids who are struggling in Korea. In the long run, they will miss their family even more. After having this Line, we will then be able to support each other.

Q: With regards to music, you have quite a number of your own compositions. So who do you talk most to, in this area?
ZM: I will tend to talk more to Yixing (EXO’s Lay). He is rather interested in composing. Before he debuted, he would often pull me into the room and say, “Gege help me to listen to this song that I’ve written,”  At that time, his songs were usually along the lines of familial relationships, such as those about him missing his mother etc, so I wasn’t able to give him many suggestions. In these two years, things have slowly changed, changed such that I am now able to give him some suggestions and advice on his compositions, hahaha! I am able to feel that he is slowly growing up, slowly becoming more mature.

Q: So when you’re composing, will you first come up with the lyrics or the tune?
ZM: I feel that whether a song is nice to listen to is dependent on the tune. First come up with the tune, then the lyrics. So when I write songs, I will first come up with the tune. Hum the tune and then add in the lyrics. And when I write songs I cannot drag or procrastinate. My personality is one that is extremely fast. Just like when I published <Thai Perfect>, I went to Thailand and played for 4 days but I did not sleep. I just kept on writing throughout the night, because I was afraid that if I dragged on, I would not want to do this anymore on the next day. So this is the same when I write music. If the company gives me an assignment I will basically be able to submit it to them the next day. If I drag it on for a few days, I won’t be able to write it out.

Q: Do you prefer upbeat songs or ballads?
ZM: I like ballads, because they allow me to be in my most comfortable status, and they allow me to be rather relaxed. I have recently wanted to try changing my style. SJ-M has more upbeat songs, but I always say that I feel like trying to sing and dance at the same time. Jia and Fei will then tease me saying, “So just sing properly”. I will then say “Don’t joke around, I am the best dancer around, hahaha!” So I feel that I should come up with a very good composition to give them all a shock.

Q: What do you feel is something we should learn from in the Korean music scene?
ZM: Their overall trainings are very professional and mechanical. Including singing, dancing etc. They will give you lessons on every little detail and they will heavily cultivate everyone’s own personal talent.

Q: You recently released a new book, so what’s the next work you’re going to release?
ZM: I actually accepted a drama filming in the second half of last year, but there were some changes before joining them so I rejected it. However I did not just relax, I have also done various types of preparations. Even though there will be times where the plans are unable to suit the changes, but I hope that I will be able to quickly meet everyone with a new work.

Q: Will there be any movie or drama related challenges for you?
ZM: Yes. Given the chance I will be willing to try. Earlier on, the company emphasised more on singing, but slowly I’ve managed to do some hosting, and then releasing of my book. I have also managed to act in a drama. I feel that all these, is just a process a trying. If you don’t try, you will never know if you like it or not. You can only know after you try, like, ah, so I am able to do such a thing.

Q: What would be the type of movies/dramas that you would like to participate in?
ZM: I used to want to act the role of the villain. Because I feel that I look really suitable, because I have the aura of a handsome villain, hahaha! Recently I want to try acting those family drama, those that parents usually love to watch. Because I have been watching <Let’s Get Married>, a drama which Gao Yuanyuan acted in. I’m rather attached to the drama because the actors are really good and the script is really awesome, after watching I really feel like finding a partner to get married with, hahaha! To be able to act the story of normal citizens, it is indeed a rather challenging task.

Q: Which Chinese female actress do you want to work with the most?
ZM: Actually, I am not a very experienced actor so I would just try to learn from any senior that is more experienced than me. I want to work with every senior, because I will be able to learn many things. But if I must really say one name... Victoria? Hahaha! Just joking! But of course, if I am given the chance to work with her again that would be really good. Hmm... then Jiang Wenli? I feel that to be able to work with those teachers who are very emotive, it will be able to shock you, and let you recognise your own inadequacies.

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