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Trans [140103] Shanghai News Interview with Zhou Mi: Zhou Mi talks about travel in Thailand, anti-fans and first meeting f(x)'s Victoria.


Narrator: Recently, SJ-M member Zhou Mi brought his first personal travelogue “Thai Perfect” and came to Shanghai. Since going to Thailand in 2008, Zhou Mi fell in love with this country, and the desire to publish a book has been circulating in his mind for three years. The friendly and hospitable local people, delicious Thai food and tropical fruits caused Zhou Mi to book plane tickets to Thailand without second thought whenever he has holidays.

Zhou Mi: (Going to) Thailand is my personal schedule. I would buy my own air tickets, book the cars/transportation myself, and go have fun. The funny thing is that I would always have fun with the Thai fans, the local fans, yep.

Interviewer: Were they natural (in the interactions)? 

Zhou Mi: They would be pleasantly surprised because usually I go there for work or to participate in performances. Because I do not know the Thai language, and if you go to a place like Pattaya, you can’t get a taxi there so you would have to take a ride on one of the local transportation called tutu car, it’s similar to our motorbike, but you will need say the name of the destination and I couldn’t say the places’ names, so the fans would help me to get the cars, and tell me where are the fun places, and bring me to eat seafood. But I still have to pay for all these expenses..hahaha.. But I’m really happy, it’s rare to have this kind of chance to be with them

Interviewer: Does your company allow this? Don’t they usually protect their artistes well?

Zhou Mi: They.. they don’t know about this, but now they know, because he’s sitting next to me. Hahaha.. 

Narrator: In “Thai Perfect”, Zhou Mi transformed into a traveler, sincerely and meticulously recommending the best for travel in Thailand, sharing in-depth and heartfelt tips. The lively design and layout, fashionable and practical content all contributes to making the unique style of the book.

Zhou Mi: After cutting out the shape of this photo, I would cut out another piece of paper according to the edges of the photo, so these were pasted one layer after the next. This is pure handicraft. But I still feel like it has a different kind of feeling as compared to those made using computers so I think it is quite good, and the method is quite simple. So, in this book I also gave everyone an idea, that is if you want to create a book like this, it is not a very difficult task. So in the back I drew a comic that teaches…at…here is the comic I drew myself. I hope you guys can follow how I cut the things, how to paste them.. and make your own book, not necessarily of Thailand, it could be England London, a travel book that belongs to you.

Narrator: Zhou Mi is very dedicated to the things he has interests in, pursuing them with his own methods and requiring a standard of “perfection” for himself. In his studying days, he simply pursued his dream and love for singing, after going through hard work and debuting, he diligently tries to be true to himself.

Zhou Mi: Because I think that I’m not the type of artist that gets raised on a very high pedestal right after debut. Even now, I don’t even think I’m famous yet. [Laughing]. Because when I debuted, there were more Anti fans. I don’t know if you understand the situation or not, maybe [you] don’t understand the situation that well. Since I was added into a mature group, so there were a lot of opposing voices against me. I think this is an experience that other artists don't have (in comparison to me); but I really treasure this process. Because it lets me treasure my current fans more and also treasure the experiences I’ve had up until now. Since when some times are easily obtained, you don’t tend to treasure it. When you don’t have it, you would work hard and think: “I will work harder to show everyone”. So I can’t say how well I’ve done now, but I think this entire time I’ve worked hard is inspirational. I hope this energy can be passed on to everyone. If you want to do something, then try your best to do it. 

Narrator: Zhou Mi revealed that the Korean’s idol system has a pre-set path for every idol. Even if you were a little lacking in talent but is hard working; in comparison to making albums, it’s more difficult to find one’s own style. Working in Korea all these years, the company has more and more Chinese members and allowing him to communicate in native tongue gives Zhou Mi a blissful feeling. He also recalled the memory of meeting good friend Song Qian for the first time.


Zhou Mi: When [we] just came, it was very funny. Front page news. Our company has a basement. When [we] just came, us, a bunch of kids would practice together. Then suddenly, a noona from our company told us that there’s a Chinese girl named Song Qian (giving money). Because there’s no accent when Korean people pronounce words, so it’s Song Qian. I wondered, “Why is this girl’s name giving money?”  Very funny. Came to SM to give away money. They asked me whether I wanted to see and so I went. After I went, the first impression was that this girl had really big eyes. No makeup and there were pimples. But even without makeup, you can feel that this girl should be very photogenic and will look really beautiful with makeup. There wasn’t a lot of conversation then, and she was a bit shy the first time.

Interviewer: Then how did [you guys] become familiar with each other after?

Zhou Mi: Because in the company, the same age (Chinese) trainees were only the two of us. I debuted 3-4 months after she came. So we had communication back then. Because she’s better at dancing and I’m better at singing, so we shared our experiences with each other. For example, how does she think you would dance better; I would teach her singing and we slowly became familiar with each other. 

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