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Sunshine周覓 towels~ Version 2! *LIMITED EDITION*


It's that time again! Time for the next batch of Sunshine towels~ *\O/* But this time we have decided to change things up a little bit and present you with Sunshine towel Version 2.0! We will only make this version once~ so it is Limited Edition :D

While the towel at first may not look different, there a few key points to note! 
First difference is that the towel is shorter than the previous one, this version is 60cm long. We decided to make it shorter so it is easier to hold during concerts without having to fold the edges (or knock out the fans standing on either side of you) ^^

Secondly, we have changed the slogan on the back. No particular reason, we just wanted something new and we think it's cute :D

Last (and most important difference) is, new material! Sunshine towel 2.0 has been upgraded to make it even more sunshine-y~! How?? Like this:


Or, more specifically, it reflects light. Like concert lights :D So when you hold this towel during a concert it will be super duper visible! You will shine just as brightly as his smile~^^ The words are matte gold when not reflecting light. Please note only the front side of the towel will glow, the back side is regular yellow print. 

Due to the special reflective material the price is $15aud plus postage :) Make sure you stand out from the crowd so Mi sees the love for him that is out there~~~ 

As we are sending towels out individually rather than in group orders, we are sending them by Regular postage to save you money (see here for rates). Please note that regular postage is not tracked so therefore once we have mailed it we are no longer responsible for it. Regular postage can also take a few weeks to arrive. If you want EMS with tracking the rates are here. We will post to ANY country, but you are responsible for paying the shipping fee so please be aware of this when ordering. 

Payment is by paypal only. 

Sunshine is 100% committed to supporting Zhou Mi and the fans that support him, let's work together to shine brightly for him :D

Go order now~ there's not many left so don't wait! Form is here

(Gif at top of page by Vintagentleman from this fancam by maiconditioner)




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