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Sunshine towels second batch info


The first batch of towels was an amazing success~! Thankyou to everyone who purchased them and sent us in photos for Mi's b'day photobook. Don't they look great?? Zhou Mi already has his own towel which was passed to him at the airport and he has already seen them in the crowd at SJM fanmeetings ^^ Success!

We have been getting questions about a second batch so here is the info!

The second batch of 100 towels have already been ordered and will be picked up by me (Fiona) when I attend SS5 in Seoul. Towels will be available for purchase at SS5 Seoul but please let me know so I know how many to bring to each day, or we can arrange on Friday, the day before the first concert at Konabeans. Towels purchased in Korea are 7000krw each. 

Our main objective with this batch of towels is to sell them at concerts so that they will be used and seen by Zhou Mi, as we only have 100 to sell. Therefore we will open official preorders for each concert as soon as a date is announced for each stop. Towels will need to be ordered and paid for asap as I will only be posting that exact quantity to our representative in that country to distribute. 

There are two exceptions to this and that is Indonesian mitangsPhilippines mitangs and US/Canada (contact me directly) who already have group orders running. Deadline for preorder and payment is March 20th, please contact them directly. 

Towels purchased outside of Korea are $6AUD plus shipping costs. 

If you would like US to contact YOU when we open a preorder for your country please complete this survey

SPECIAL NOTE: If at any concert if you manage to pass a towel to Zhou Mi and he holds it on stage and there is photo evidence of it, if you don't get your towel back from him then we will replace it for free :D



  1. Is there any chance to order it for one person? I mean, something like individual order ;-)

  2. The postage for just one towel would be quite expensive, probably around $10. What country are you from? We are mostly just selling this batch of towels at SS5 or SMTown this year.

  3. I'm from Poland :)
    I asked just like that, cause I'm curious if it will be possible to order one towel ;-)

  4. We might do a group order for Europe later on this year but for now we are only doing orders for SS5 as we have limited towels sorry >< Please fill out the survey that we linked to in this post and if we do an order for Europe we will contact you ^^

  5. Will you continue making the request of the towels?

  6. It mainly depends what country you are from, can you email me at sunshinezhoumi@gmail.com and we can discuss there? Thanks ^^



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