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@zhoumi_419: 太逗了
[Trans] @zhoumi_419: Too funny

@zhoumi_419: see u in taiwan!台湾见
[Trans] @zhoumi_419: see u in taiwan! Taiwan see

@zhoumi_419: all in here!so cute!!


[Trans: order is read from bottom to top]
@周觅_SJM: Haha [偷笑] personal vip premier in Korea

@鄭元暢小綜 (Joe Cheng): Pu! thx u la! [偷笑] Though I've already showed it to you before in Korea! 

@周觅_SJM: The way of filming is very unique [good] Let's help *Xiao Zhong share it!

(*Xiao Zhong is Joe's nickname that is very commonly used by everyone.)

@鄭元暢小綜 (Joe Cheng): Forbid not downloading after watching, share! Copyright belongs to everyone who loves life!

@郑元畅吧 (Joe Cheng baidu bar):
【Streaming】Some things in life, you can choose to care or not to care. In love, is it the same? Regardless is it in life or in love, me and you, you and me, him/her and you, you and him/her, ...we fall in love with this piece of ground, have been closely connected together since the start. @鄭元暢小綜 —— #the symptoms of love# http://t.cn/zQWTEVs

Trans by @myeoichi for @SunshineZhouMi
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