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[Trans] @福茂小幫手: @郭靜Claire first greatest hits album <致純靜> will begin its preorders on 8/16, and will be officially released on 8/30. The album cover features (Claire) playing two roles, including the lively Claire in a cropped haircut, and the elegant Claire in long hair.

Claire's reblog:
[Trans] @郭靜Claire: I always easily misread it as **"Zhi Jing Chun"...

Zhou Mi's reblog:
[Trans] @周觅_SJM:(Your) look for the new album is too pretty! Wishing *Jing-er Happy Birthday once again[蛋糕]

*Jing-er is like a nickname, ~er is added to her name to sound more intimate.
**Her album name is 致純靜 (zhi chun jing) and she misread them as zhi jing chun.

Trans by @myeoichi for @SunshineZhouMi
If taking out or translating to other languages please credit fully. 




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