[Celebrity Magazine] "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" Photoshoot with Zhou Mi~


Zhou Mi`s White & Black Mix Match
White & Black are colors with infinite potentials. It suits Super Junior-M`s Zhou Mi, who finally started to approach the public, and his potentials. Zhou Mi`s travel to the spring beach to a grand start of his era. 

When I'm in front of the camera or on stage I still get very nervous. In China I've done individual activities but in Korea it has been with the team (SJM), so individual activities feel awkward.

Right now, I am not following the fashion trend, but I'm into the colors Black & White that suits any occasions. If you have asked me the same question 3~4 years ago, I would have answered that I like flashy and colorful clothes.

Place I travel often to is Thailand. I`ve once gone there four times in a month. It`s very different there compared to China and Korea, it`s warm all four season, and close by. And I especially like how there is a beach.

The place I want to go to the most in Korea is Jeju Island! I recently was in Jeju for about 2 hours for a fansign, and I was very disappointed (about being unable to stay longer)

I was recruited on the street while I was preparing to become a singer in China. I never knew I`d do activities with friends I`ve seen on broadcasts.

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