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[THE STAR Magazine] Interview trans: 'Same Age (?) Zhou Mi & Sungmin'


Interviewer: For Zhou Mi-ssi, this comeback must mean something different to you
Zhou Mi: It's nice. I always like activities in China. If we go to China, I can meet my parents. My house is in Beijing.

I: You must think of your parents often, living so far away. You sang 'Wild Lillies Also Have a Spring' recently on Chinese version of Immortal Song for your mother. How did you feel while singing it?
Zhou Mi: It was my first chance to sing alone in China, so I was very nervous. I was even more nervous because it was a song for my mother. It felt good when I started to sing. My mother watched it and sent me a message that she has tears in her eyes.

I: Zhou Mi-ssi has SM THE BALLAD, 'Idol True Colors',  Chinese version of 'Immortal Song', etc these days. Which schedule is most fun?
Sungmin: All (schedules alone) is nice
Zhou Mi: Haha, true. It's easy to do schedules alone, but you feel more nervous. Especially schedules in Korea; I'd have to speak all the Korean myself. It's hard. If hyungs are with me during interviews, they can help me, or I don't even have to speak (laugh). And after going around with members, it's boring to have (schedules alone). I really like our members.

I: Eeya, did you know Zhoumi-ssi thinks of members like this?
Sungmin: Thank you. I also feel that way when I do schedules alone
Zhou Mi: But hyung does well alone. I always went to see Sungmin-ee hyung's musicals, and he did well without us. I always go because I love watching musicals. Hyung doesn't make any mistakes while acting, and that's really cool. If it were me, I would receive a lot of stress.

I: In the (musical), there were subtitles for Japanese, Chinese fans. What do you think is Sungmin-ssi's charm, Zhou Mi-ssi?
ZhouMi: Firstly, he looks very cute. He's a hyung, but no matter who looks at him, he looks very cute, don't you think so? His face is the type Chinese people like. I have many fans of his around me. Especially when he's on the stage for musicals, he feels different than when he's on stage as a singer. He feels like an actor.

I: Since he heard phrases, now it's Sungmin-ssi's turn. What do you think is ZhouMi's charm?
ZhouMi: Praising people well, like what I just did, right?
Sungmin: haha. He finds others' good and bad points quickly, like now. He takes care of himself well too. He doesn't fall to bad things. He walks down his own way without causing any troubles. One thing that worries me is that; I think he is not popular with girls. At the age he is at, he should quickly find a girlfriend but I haven't seen ZhouMi date anyone. 
Zhou Mi: Hyung, I'm looking around very hard.

I: I have a question. You both were born in 1986, but ZhouMi calls Sungmin-ssi 'hyung'. Is it because Sungmin-ssi is 'early' 86?
Zhou Mi: At first, because we were born in the same year, I talked to him informally for an year. Then one day, I learned that he is 'early' 1986 liner. In China, you are friends with people that have 5 years of age difference with you, but it may look very disrespectful in Korea so I changed to formal. At first, it was really awkward. But Siwon-ee, who is same age as me, calls him hyung too, so I can't (just talk to him informally)

I: Zhou Mi-ssi knows the meaning of 'early liner'; it's like you are a Korean. Haha. Anyways, you both are near the age where the front number changes. What is something you really want to do before your 20s end?
Zhou Mi: I want to hurry up and date someone. In past, I wanted to work hard and become successful, but the world can't always go the way I want. As time passed like that, I grew older, and because I'm a foreigner, it's hard to find girls that I like in Korea. Since I'm with members all the time, I also have no chance to meet (girls). So I won't (consider/be picky with) nationalities anymore. Haha.

I: Kim Heechul-ssi is doing "WGM" right now. Aren't you jealous of his married life?
Zhou Mi: It must be fun to go on dates, but it's not real love. Real is better than fake.
Zhou Mi: (-cont after Sungmin's answer) I thought of this while watching him record though. Heechul hyung's partner is a Taiwanese. I felt that if I were to date a Korean girl, it'd be like (Heechul-ee hyung's relationship w/ his wgm wife). There will be hard parts, since we wouldn't be able to communicate well.

I: Lastly, I will ask the same question as one I asked to others. It is <The Star>'s first anniversary. If we want to run for a long time, like Super Junior/Super Junior-M, what should we do/have?
Sungmin: That's a good question. I have to answer well but now that I'm 30, I have become serious so... haha
Zhou Mi: Then the foreigner who doesn't know many difficult words will speak simply first. (laugh) You have to set a goal, and see it through. Don't give up, that's the most important thing. It's been about 6 years since Super Junior M has started promoting, and members are all working hard together. While believing that we will continue to do even better in future.

Trans by @youngwoonjunsu for @SunshineZhouMi
Photos by @SunshineZhouMi (will update with better photos later)
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