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[Sunshine Subs] 140306 SMTB iQiyi interview (Zhou Mi Cut)


Zhou Mi: Hello Iqiyi users, I am SJ-M’s Zhou Mi.

To Zhou Mi: Having released a new album <Breath>, do you all have any plans to hold any fansigns or related activities in China?

Zhou Mi: China… Because we have already done a fansign in Korea, and we will holding a second one. And we hope that we will be able to have a China press of the new album <Breath>. And we can also bring the new album to meet the fans in China

To Zhou Mi: How do you express this new song?

Zhou Mi: My new song this time is titled <Blind> and it’s a rather sorrowful ballad. Whenever I have to perform a sorrowful ballad, I would think about some sorrowful and tragic scenes about the separation of two lovers that I have previously watched in movies. I would remember these feelings and input them into the song when I’m performing it. Hope that my performance will get the approval of everyone.

To Zhou Mi: What changes will the new programme <Idol True Colours> have? What guests will <Idol True Colours> invite?

Zhou Mi: After the first two episodes of <Idol True Colours>, I am very happy that <Idol True Colours> will finally become a fixed programme where we will meet everyone weekly. Actually every time I’d like to ask, “Who are we going to invite onto this programme?” We would like to invite some meaningful guests who will be able to share with everyone about their lives in Korea, the music they like. So with regards to the guests, we are still preparing quickly. Hoping that our new guests and our new show will take on a new format, thus bringing to everyone happiness and surprise.

To Zhou Mi: When will SJ-M release their new album? And are there any plans for the new year?

Zhou Mi: With regards to SJ-M’s album… we will actually release a new album every year. Our new album is actually nearing the end of its preparations. Basically the recording of the tracks, the MV have all been completed. So it will be soon. We will bring our new album very quickly to meet the fans in China. Hope that everyone will continue to support SJ-M.

To Zhou Mi: You have previously filmed a drama with Victoria. Do you have any plans to film any dramas or variety shows this year? What variety shows do you like?

Zhou Mi: After filming the drama with Victoria, it sparked my interest in performing. And since last year I have received many invitations to film different dramas. But I’ve been hoping that I will be able to act in a role that I’m extremely satisfied in. So in this area, Zhou Mi will continue to work hard. And other than being a singer, I will use my best effort to bring to everyone the side of me as an actor. And also, there isn’t really a lot of chances for us to return to China, and I can only use some internet platforms to watch some of the mainland variety shows. I feel that the programmes are getting better and becoming more fun. So I feel all of us hope that we will get the chance to go on these programmes so that we will be able to meet everyone. So, to the mainland variety shows, hurry invite me, Zhang Liyin and Chen!

Zhou Mi: The 3 of us are very happy to be able to use this form to chat with the users of Iqiyi, as well as to share the latest news about us with everyone. Hope that everyone will support Zhou Mi, Zhang Liyin and also Chen, where all of us have brought to you the new album titled <Breath>. And thank you one last time to the fans of Iyiqi for supporting us. Thank you!

Trans by @lyuanz for @SunshineZhouMi
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