[Idol True Colours] Preview video translation~


00:21 Hello everyone! We are finally back!

Zhou Mi: Wow, thank you everyone for this long time that you have waited for Idol True Colours, like you guys, I have waited till my neck has stretched.

Jia: but now finally we don’t have to wait anymore because Idol True Colours is starting its broadcast immediately

Fei: Right, we are diligently preparing for the programme now and we anticipate the day we meet with everyone. Please anticipate much and watch it a lot~

Zhou Mi: Yes, being the first official broadcast of Idol True Colours, you guys must be curious as to who the special guest we are inviting will be.
I will give you a little hint, it is the person whom I, personally I, really really, really really, really really, really like

Jia: Wouldn’t the person that you really really, really really, really really, really like be me then?

Fei: It should be me then?

Fei: So guys, let us take a guess together as to who that person in Zhou Mi’s heart could be.

Zhou Mi: Is it a he or she? (*note: there is no gender difference for the third person pronoun in Chinese)

Jia: so let’s meet on March 15th at Youku and Tudou!

Bye bye~ Idol True Colours, jia you!

Trans by @qmiwook for @SunshineZhouMi
If taken out or translated to other languages please credit fully




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