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Trans [Sohu Interview] Zhou Mi chooses Siwon as brother-in-law, invites Chen and Li Yin as guests to his programme


Exclusive interview: Zhou Mi chooses Siwon as brother-in-law,  invites Chen and Li Yin as guests to his programme

Hello friends of Sohu video, I am Zhou Mi.

1:18 Caption: Zhou Mi can you please introduce the song <Blind> briefly to us?
Zhou Mi: Ok, this time my new song is called <Blind>, it’s in the album “Breath” and it’s the second title song. Also, like the song <Breath>, it’s a love song that looks at the heartbreak and hurt after breaking up from the perspective of the guy.

1:55 Caption: Having hosted <Idol True Colours>, acted in a drama, as well as being a singer at the same time, in which area do you want to keep developing?
Zhou Mi: Since debut 5 years ago, I have been trying new things constantly, but my favourite is still my first love—singing. So this time I’m really happy I can…the company can through this method of specially organizing a group and releasing an album like “Breath”, it can also count as a recognition of my singing. So I hope in the days to come, I can continue to meet everyone with the role of a singer and come out with more new works.

2:24 Caption: Do you have any plan of accepting movie/drama roles this year?
Zhou Mi: Actually, I have always been interested in expanding in the area of film and drama. Last year, I participated in Vincent Fang’s film, the year before that I was in a drama. So besides having a new album this year, I hope to make progress in the area of acting, and to receive many roles that I like to play.
2:44 Caption: <Idol True Colours> is coming out soon, who do you want to invite as guests the most?
Zhou Mi: Em.. Idol True Colours will meet everyone soon in March, and then..actually the people I want to invite to the show the most are the two sitting next to me: Zhang Li Yin and Chen because in the first season we had Exo’s Kris and Lay who came onto the radio show. So I hope Chen can come too, and our Li Yin.

3:07 Caption: Do you participate in the producing of the programme?
Zhou Mi: Actually, Idol True Colours is the first Chinese radio show in Korea, it’s a viewable Chinese radio show. Along with hosts Jia and Fei, us three have contributed our opinions and communicated with the tv station. We hope that it can become a show that belongs to Chinese people, with the feeling of a Chinese radio show that can bring out the culture and the interesting things about life in Korea. That it can..through the way we host the programme, let more Chinese friends understand Korea.

4:50 Caption: What is the concept of SJM’s comeback this year, can you reveal a bit?
Zhou Mi: Uh..after a year’s duration, this time Super Junior-M will meet everyone with a completely new feeling, and…I won’t reveal too much information now because you guys will see our new album very soon but I will tell you guys that this time, we will have a completely new, compared to the Super Junior-M that you guys knew before, it's something different, a completely new appearance. So I hope everyone can wait for it, with much anticipation.

-Speed interview section-
Q1: What was your nickname during your student era?
‘Big Tall One’

Q2: Do you wear clothes while sleeping?

Q3: When you see the alphabet ‘S’ what comes to your mind first?
Super Girl

Q4: Not showering for a day or not eating for a day, which one is less acceptable for you?
I can’t accept either

Q5: Who would you like to invite when you have a concert?
Zhang Li Yin

Q6: Sing a line from the first Chinese song that you think of?
Blame my eyes for being too greedy

Q7: Choose someone from your group to become the boyfriend of your younger sister, who would you choose?
To become younger sister’s boyfriend? Oh, Siwon.

Trans by @qmiwook for @SunshineZhouMi
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