[☀Sunshine Subs] Tudou Music 韩乐星动态EP6- S.M THE BALLAD (Zhou Mi, Zhang Li Yin, Kim Jong Dae)


0:07 Hello everyone, I am Zhou Mi. I’m at Tudou Music.

1:41 Question (in the caption): After releasing this song, do you have any other plans?
Zhou Mi: My next hope is to develop an album that belongs to me. <Blind> is the third solo song of my life. If I get a chance to release a solo album, I would like to try out different music styles too.

2:08 Question: What kind of circumstance brought about your acting in the movie “Hear Rain”?
Zhou Mi: Actually, being able to collaborate with Vincent Fang, Teacher Fang was an unexpected opportunity because the publisher of my new book <Thai Perfect> in Taiwan was published by Teacher Fang’s publishing company and at that time he was preparing for this movie, so he asked me if I was interested in participating in a role for the movie. Then, I was interested in trying different performances and so I asked him what kind of character would I be acting as and he told me that I would be the female lead’s first love. So I said, “wow, this role fits me a lot” because the requirement of the role was a university student, someone who is full of youthfulness, so I thought, that’s me exactly. Hahaha.. so, I went, and it was quite fascinating because there was no script, because I went there to work for five days, and I left the final two days for the movie filming, and there was no script at all, and Teacher Fang told me to just come, and that he would teach me how to act when I get there. So, the whole day we were in the rain. The movie is called “Hearing the sound of the rain” but I really didn’t think that it would be raining on both days of filming. And when the rain stopped, they kept using the machines to create fake rain on the set, so it was quite a big experience for me because it was the first time I was exposed to the big screen. I felt that filming for a drama and filming a movie were both same and different. It was very difficult, but when you see the beautiful scene in the movie, you will feel that everything was worth it.

6:18 Question: When will Super Junior-M have their comeback?
Zhou Mi: To be honest with everyone, our SJ-M’s preparation process is now at its final stages. Therefore, we will really be able to meet you guys in a very very very short amount of time. And then, our once-a-year album, I hope we can receive much support from everyone!

7:00 Question: What is the energy that keeps you going in doing so many things?
Zhou Mi: I feel that, being an artiste is a very interesting career. When I was young I wanted to become an artiste because I would be able to try and experience a variety of work because if I was a normal worker, it usually means just sitting in the office. But an artiste can do different things, he can publish a book, act, host, and sing. It can let me experience different types of life experiences. So, I don’t want to waste this chance, since I have already debuted. I want to make each of my dreams come true so that when I am old I will not regret the road I have taken in my life.
Next…I want to release a solo album. Yup.

8:05 Question: Are you interested in the area of acting? What kind of role/character would you like to challenge?
Zhou Mi: Previously I starred in a drama called “When Love Walked In”, it was with Song Qian and Fahrenheit’s Calvin. I hope in the future besides singing, which I love the most, I can also have more opportunities to act, trying out different kinds of roles. 

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