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@王煒茜 在台湾特意跑去诚品书店买新书[心],因为你和@小瑜兒XiaoYu ,它才能和大家见面,感恩!我还没有拿到书呢[悲伤]
[Trans] @王煒茜 specially visited Eslite bookstore when in Taiwan to buy the new book[心], it's because of you and @小瑜兒XiaoYu, that the book can meet everyone, thankful! I haven't gotten the book yet[悲伤]

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從二年前Long Stay開始就已經聽到周覓要出這本書 中間看著他照片剪剪貼貼拿著,努力地寫著他比較不熟悉的文字,覺得內容不夠有空就衝泰國 二年後他的書終於在書店上架 還是覺得很不真實 但很為你開心 也期待早日來台灣辦簽書會喔 @周觅_SJM
[Trans] @王煒茜 Since the Long Stay two years ago (we've) already heard that Zhou Mi was going to release this book, seen him cutting and pasting his pictures through the course, diligently writing the words that he isn't familiar with, when he feels like the content isn't enough, he flies to Thailand when he has time. Two years later his book is finally on the shelves, still feels like it's very unrealistic, but I'm very happy for you, awaiting you to come to Taiwan to do your book signing @周觅_SJM

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