[Zhou Woody B'day Project] Join in now~!


Yes another project! We though that since we already passed Mi his b'day gifts quite early it would be nice to have something just to send him on weibo on his actual birthday~ 

Taking inspiration from Mr Zhou Woody we would like to make a video photo compilation of fans holding a 'You've Got A Friend In Me' sign/board. So please make a sign with these words written as clearly as possible, and have a photo taken of you holding it. You can put whatever other designs you want on the sign but please keep the words to just 'You've got a friend in me'. Please do not digitally edit the photos with any graphics etc. If you want to have your Sunshine Zhou Mi towel visible in the photo somehow that is TOTALLY ok with us :D

As the song is quite long we need a lot of photos to make this work, so please take only individual photos instead of group photos. We don't mind if you use the same sign for multiple photos as we will shuffle around the photos for the video. 

When you are done please email it to sunshinezhoumi@gmail.com with your first name and country as we will add these details to the photo later. 

Deadline is April 17th, there's not much time so go go! Get started!




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