VOTE for Zhou Mi & SJM at the "9th Music King Hit Global Chinese Music Awards"!


Zhou Mi will attend CNTV's 9th Music King Hit Global Chinese Music Awards 《劲歌王金曲金榜全球华人音乐盛典》on March 17th in Guangzhou. (cr: Zhou Mi's weibo and 潮Magazine's weibo | trans HERE)

Super Junior M is nominated for ⟪Most Popular Group (mainland)⟫ and Zhou Mi is among the finalists nominated for ⟪Best Chinese/Mandarin Song⟫.

We all can support SJM & Zhou Mi by voting on CNTV's website!

How to vote:

            1) Vote for SJM:                                          2) Vote for Zhou Mi:

>> You can vote up to 3 times on each category every 12 hours! <<

Voting will close on March 17th. Let's support Zhou Mi and SJM! ^^

(t/n: we don't know exactly how to translate the award's name, so we used a sort of literal translation)




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