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[Trans] Everyone in Shenzhen this time we're gonna have an embrace with no distance(,) [耶] see you on「Boys to the left, Girls to the right」!

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SuperShow 5首尔场完美收官,各位是不是还沉浸其中意犹未尽呢?#男左女右# 携手@深圳卫视年代秀 为大家谋福利,延续精彩与感动!顶级天团SuperJunior小分队SJ-M成员@周觅_SJM 将参加3月29日#男左女右#录制,单枪匹马的大暖男这次没有成员们助阵,会怎样show出一个人的精彩呢?http://t.cn/zjmWzOT

[Trans] @Shenzhen Satellite TV Boys to the left, girls to the rightSupershow 5 Seoul ended perfectly, are all of you still immersed in the show and yearning for more? For the benefits of viewers, #Boys to the left, Girls to the right# and Shenzhen Satellite TV Generation show together brings you more amazement and touch. 
Famous boyband SuperJunior's subgroup SJ-M member @周觅_SJM will be recording #Boys to the left, Girls to the right# on the 29th of March, without the members' countenance, how will the warm guy, Zhou Mi, put up an amazing show? http://t.cn/zjmWzOT
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