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哈囉大家~你們最關心的周覓簽書會日期確定囉[鼓掌] 周覓4/6~4/13都會在台灣,簽書會是4/7禮拜日的下午2:00~4:00,地點在誠品站前店藝文西廣場[太开心] 我們不收禮物不收花,只收卡片喔~上台不拍照不握手,一人可簽十本~ 另外~覓覓有準備小禮物應援毛巾要送給你們喔[心] (詳細消息之後公佈)@周觅_SJM

[Trans] Hello everyone~ the Zhou Mi autograph session you guys are most concerned about has it's date confirmed already [鼓掌]  Zhou Mi will be in Taiwan during 4/6~4/13, the book signing will be on 4/7 Sunday, location is Yi Wen Xi square outside Eslite station station (誠品站前藝文西廣) [太开心] we will not be accepting presents or flowers, only letters~ No pictures or handshakes on stage, each person can only sign 10 books~ Also~ Mimi also prepared little gifts and fansupport towels for you guys [心] (details will be announced afterwards) @周觅_SJM 
Trans by @myeoIchi for @SunshineZhouMi




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