[130312] Zhou Mi's greeting video for Thai Perfect~!


 Zhou Mi's greeting video for 泰玩美!

[Rough Trans]
Hello everyone from Taiwan! I am Zhou Mi from Super Junior M!
I'm going to tell everyone a piece of good news here, which is my new book, Thai Perfect, my Thailand travel diary is going to be released in Taiwan very soon!
On 4th March the preorder will start on the online bookstore, books.com.tw and I hope that you guys from Taiwan will support my book. So this time my book from errr the words to pictures to design, is all done by myself. It's a very very interesting book so I hope everyone can give it a lot of support and I'm also looking forward to having close contact with you guys in Taiwan. Bye bye, see you in Taiwan!

Trans by @myeoichi for @SunshineZhouMi




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