[130618] HK Booksign: Zhou Mi talks about being a macho man & future plans~


Zhou Mi: Well, because I'm a man, this book has some parts that show a little muscle and swimsuits. (laughs) But because right now- just now, I showed off my arms a little bit in front of the media, and I'm really embarrassed because I don't think I've reached the definition of a macho man. So I hope that when I train a little more, when I've trained (my muscles) to be larger, then I can shoot some photo albums, or release a sequel to "Thai Perfect." I'll show even more skin for everyone to see. (laughs)

In fact, I've recently been preparing some new songs for everyone, and in the following months everyone should be able to hear them. And I'd rather like to release a Cantonese song. Yes, I'm proposing it to the company right now. Please look forward to it! The Cantonese song.

When asked whether he likes Hong Kong or Thai girls better, Zhou Mi responded:
Zhou Mi: I... still... (laughs) It's really hard! But, well, because I came to Hong Kong to sign books today, I think Hong Kong girls are very pretty, very beautiful. And Thai girls, I feel like they're very international, because they learn a mixture of things, and... Yes, (they're) very warm. Like the weather.

Trans by @jesstoast for @SunshineZhouMi
Video source: 优酷娱乐中心  reupload: ChunnyMi Mi
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