[130620] FM 903 'Look At Me' Radio Show with Zhou Mi (Day 2 translation)


Day 2 Audio here 14:00- 28:15
(L) 梁文礼/Liang Wenli ; (M) Zhou Mi 
M: (in Cantonese) hello hello everyone, I'm Super Junior M's Zhou Mi, Look At Me.
(song playing: GO)
L: In Super Junior M, Zhou Mi is a member who is responsible for singing, so when you were in the process of recording SJM's new album Break Down, did you have any contributions or ideas of your own, any types of songs you wanted to sing?
M: (in Cantonese) In fact, I also participated in the process of recording at the company, participating in writing song lyrics, and during recording, I also helped the other members with pronunciation, Chinese pronunciation.
L: Oh, you helped teach everyone.
M: (in Cantonese) Yes, I'm the Chinese teacher, the little Chinese teacher.
L: Chinese teacher, haha, Siwon's Mandarin is very OK, right? When I saw him onstage, he understood everything everyone was saying.
M: (in Cantonese) Him~~ He understands quite a bit (of Chinese), but actually if I'm talking about pronunciation, I think Kyuhyun is a little better.
L: Kyuhyun, OK, but you're the teacher, you teach everyone.
M: Yes, I teach every person.
(song playing: GO)
L: Then when you were recording Distant Embrace by yourself, how did that go? It's your solo song, so did you put a different feeling into it, a special one; did you put it in this song?
M: (in Cantonese) Because this is the first time I've recorded a solo song to go in an album (note: couldn't hear it clearly, may not be correct), (in Mandarin) and we also found a very famous artist, Michael Wong. Michael Wong ge helped me by writing a song, and I heard an artist from Hong Kong wrote the lyrics.
L: Was it Hotcha's Crystal?
M: (in Cantonese) Yes, yes, yes. (in Mandarin) So I'm very thankful to her for helping me to write this song, (and its) very good lyrics, because every time, when I'm singing- in fact, the first time I recorded it, in the studio, I put a lot (of emotion) into it, and this is the first time I've been able to have full control of the production of a song; so after I heard that everyone had listened to it and that it had resonated with them, I was very happy that everyone was so supportive of this song.
L: You said you also wrote lyrics... so are your works inspired by your life, or are they all fantasies from books?
M: There were some of my own ideas, but most of them were references to my friends' stories, because as an entertainer, there isn't much time to date, but when my good friends date they tell me their stories, and using those I can write a song, and at the same time I can give these songs to my friends, so there are many stories in the songs. For example, I once wrote a song called Love Relay; this song was given to a very good friend of mine, because when she was dating her boyfriend, they were very far apart- one of them was in America, while the other was in mainland China, and it was like the two were separated.
L: Long distance love, this kind. Then when your friends receive the songs, are they happy or do they feel betrayed, like "I, uh, wrote out your story."
M: (in Cantonese) No, they're all very happy, because they feel that it seems like the things written are their own.
L: (The meaning) is very close. Then, the stories in your own works, the company must be very accepting of them. "Ya, this is good, that you're able to write this much; write some more, then" and the like.
M: Yes, because in the beginning, I had to ask, saying I'd like to write a song, and the company didn't know if I was OK or not, and then in the end, after writing the first album, they began to understand my works' style and ideas, so I also began to understand the kind of feeling the company wanted. So then there were two to three songs in every album (that I wrote), and then I also wrote for other artists in the company, like HOT's Kangta qianbei; I wrote three songs for him.
L: Actually, if you write Mandarin lyrics, the company will still write "by Zhou Mi" right?
M: (in Cantonese) Right now they're already very used to giving it to me, in the beginning they only give it a try. (in Mandarin) I think I'm very happy; they have a lot of faith in me.
L: Do you get any extra income from it? It's very important hahaha
M: (in Cantonese) Not much, a little bit hahaha
L: Having your works recognized, used by people is happiness enough.
M: (in Cantonese) Yes, it's like a hobby. (repeats, in Mandarin) Hobby.
L: Hobbies, bad habits... You can write in your free time after work.
M: Right.
(song playing: Love Relay)
M: (in Cantonese) Hello hello everyone, I'm Super Junior M's Zhou Mi, Look At Me
L: This Super Junior M song's lyrics were written by Zhou Mi, the song's name is Love Relay, tomorrow is the final day of Look At Me with Zhou Mi.
Translation Cantonese to Mandarin by @shi0007 
Mandarin to English by @jesstoast for @SunshineZhouMi
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