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[Trans] Yesterday, I accidentally stepped onto empty space and fell off the stage; after stepping off the 1.8 meter stage, I thankfully stood steadily and didn't fall down. I've given everyone a scare, but all is well!

Reblog: @missA霏:注意注意[哼][哼]
[Trans] MissA Fei: Be careful be careful [哼][哼]

Reblog: @missA佳: 哎呀〜你那小肌肉还能承受住啊? 还是去检查下吧!膝盖什么的!那么高掉下去![哼][汗]

[Trans] Miss A Jia: Aiya~ Your little muscles can take it? You should still go get yourself checked! Your knees or something! Such a high fall! [哼][汗]

Reblog: @周觅_SJM:感谢两位dance queen关心,右边是顺便嘲笑我肌肉吗[哼],猛男最后恭喜dance star@missA霏 第一名!了不起[威武] 
[Trans] Zhou Mi: I'm grateful for the two dance queens' care, is the one on the right (Jia) laughing at my muscles [哼], The macho man would lastly like to congratulate dancestar @missA霏 (fei) on winning first prize! Amazing[威武]

Trans by @jesstoast for @SunshineZhouMi
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