[130619] FM 903 'Look At Me' Radio Show with Zhou Mi (Day 1 translation)


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(L) 梁文礼/Liang Wenli ; (M) Zhou Mi 

L: Look At Me, today's guest is very formidable, Zhou Mi from Super Junior M.
M: Hello, hello everyone, I'm Super Junior M's Zhou Mi, Look At Me.
(song playing: Break Down)
M: (in Cantonese) Hello hello everyone, I'm Super Junior M's Zhou Mi, long time no see.
L: Your pronunciation of that phrase is perfect, very authentic.
M: (in Cantonese) Really hahaha
L: He's introduced himself many times, welcome Zhou Mi to the program Look At Me; I'd like to ask Zhou Mi, what's the most fun part of being in SJM, what makes you happiest?
M: (in Cantonese) It's being able to sing songs for everyone to hear, being able to meet with fans from different places.
L: So this time this time you and Henry are participating in Super Junior's Super Show. Then did you perform together onstage elsewhere, in the past?
M: (in Cantonese) In other concerts we were also together, like in Korea's Dream Concert, on other stages we were also together.
L: So before, in Indonesia, you accidentally... hurt yourself... you're ok, right? There were no issues, right?
M: (in Cantonese) It was ok, because it was really me not being careful; when I was greeting people, I couldn't see the path.
L: Because the stage is very dark
M: (in Cantonese) And it was really tall, (in Mandarin) 1.8 meters.
L: Hong Kong's stages are the sames, and you're also already very tall
M: But I didn't fall, so it's OK. (in Cantonese) everyone, you don't need to be afraid
L: Were you very scared, yourself?
M: (in Cantonese) I wasn't very scared either, because I myself didn't know that I would fall, haha
L: So afterwards the staff took you back onto the stage?
M: (in Cantonese) No, I got back up myself, because in that area there weren't any other staff members around; there wasn't anyone to help me, but I don't know who it was at that time that (in Mandarin) helped me (by pushing) my butt.
L: So if you went back on the stage (yourself), then it really must've been very scary
M: (in Cantonese) It was a little scary, in fact performers really need to be careful when they're onstage.
L: It's really very hard. When you're performing, it's very easy to forget yourself, right, when you're performing you can see a lot of the enthusiastic fans, but you still can't really see much.
M: (in Cantonese) I wanted to both wave to them and sing and dance at the same time, so then I wasn't careful hahaha (in Mandarin) I wasn't being careful and I fell down.
L: Super Show 5 in Hong Kong had two shows, so how did ELF who experienced Hong Kong react?
M: Very enthusiastic, and because we haven't had a concert here four years, we were worried. The members were all worried; they said we haven't seen the Hong Kong fans in four years, so will they be different? And after two performances we realized that Hong Kong fans are just as enthusiastic, and they still supported us just as much, so we're very thankful to everyone, thankful to the Hong Kong fans.
L: When you meet Chinese fans, namely those from (mainland) China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, you're still able to communicate, right, so the feeling isn't the same...
M: Every place is different, and overall, well because Hong Kong and Taiwan are very close, everyone is very warm, how to say, it's a lot like the weather, like Hong Kong's weather is very hot, and well it's cold in winter, right? And fans are the same, very warm, but other countries, for example South America which is very far, or those from Japan, or the fans from Thailand; all the fans from any country are different, because the characters of the people of every country are different: there are some who are quieter, and some who show it more.
L: But it's not like that, going to see Super Junior, seeing you all onstage, everyone will be very enthusiastic. And everyone will be holding lightboards, blue lightsticks, and there might be some signs; everywhere, there is support like this, but was there ever anything that was particularly moving to you? That is, things that made you the happiest, seeing everyone from the stage...
(** Please take note, the host repeated himself a few times in Cantonese XD)
M: Oh, the thing that makes me happiest onstage is, well, because I'm in charge of singing, in the group, so the thing that makes me happiest is being able to feel everyone carefully watching me when I sing, the eye contact, when they're carefully listening to me sing, listening to me convey the feelings the song was meant to express. I think that moment is very moving.
L: Then can we hear you sing How Am I Supposed To Live Without You on this show? Zhou Mi sings it very well.
M: (sings a little bit a capella) Haha
L: Hahaha you're still thinking of the show (SS5) aren't you?
M: Was it good that day?
L: It was good, I also wondered, why this song? Everyone also really wants to hear you sing for everyone like that. Then have you listened to a lot of different songs? Like those foreign songs, did they enlighten you a lot?
M: Well, I actually used to be in mainland China, so in fact I listened to Chinese songs a lot, and then after I went to Korea, I listened to lots of foreign artists, for example Boyz II Men, Beyonce. But I'm actually more influenced by older artists, like David Tao, Wang Leehom, and I also really like Hong Kong's singers, Cantonese songs, definitely Cantonese songs.
L: Really? Who do you like? Or which songs?
M: Men usually like Leo Ku, because his voice has a lot of power. In the past at a fanmeeting, I sang his Love and Honesty. (Sings, a capella:) We can be cats and dogs, not lovers; at least pets are cute and charming
L: You seem to sing it a little higher than he does.
M: Do I? He sings it pretty high, too.
L: His song is also very hard to sing, so high-pitched.
M: In fact, I also really like Cantonese songs, including girls' songs, like Janice Wei Lan's (in Cantonese) Da Ge. Da Ge is very good, and TWINS's (in Cantonese) Red Eyes, too.
L: Red Eyes... Then where did you hear these songs? Was it online, or did a friend introduce them to you?
M: (in Cantonese) I found them all myself, hahaha (in Mandarin) I've listened to Cantonese music since I was little, I don't know why, and when I heard Cantonese songs playing on TV, I really wanted to sing along.
L: Ah, I really can't guess what that means
M: (in Cantonese) I really can't guess what that means, I don't know why, I only know I liked it
L: I really can't guess that that means... So whatever the TV played, you absorbed?
M: But I especially listened to Cantonese songs.
L: Especially liked them
M: (in Cantonese) I especially liked Cantonese songs.
L: Then do you like Hong Kong's songs?
M: I like them a lot.
L: Outside of work, have you come here by yourself to have fun?
M: (in Cantonese) When I was in college, I lived in Zhuhai; it's very close. If I didn't have anything to do, I'd come to Hong Kong once a month to do some shopping and eat things.
L: But you like going to Thailand even more, so much that you wrote a book.
M: I went to Thailand more often after debuting, and I went to Hong Kong more before debuting.
L: So at today's show you can have some contact with the fans, and there'll also be a book signing, will it be very fun?
M: (in Cantonese) But there are some (in Mandarin) regrets (in Cantonese) because there won't be any time to go to tea shops...
L: There won't be? I saw that there are a lot of places that do takeout ~~ This time there isn't, because (the schedule) is very tight, the show was here for two days... So when will you leave?
M: (in Cantonese) I'm going back to Korea as soon as I finish the book signing.
L: Really? OK. So your base is in Korea?
M: Yes. (in Cantonese) I live alone in Korea.
L: Then can you speak Korean?
M: (in Cantonese) I can!
L: You can?
M: (in Cantonese) My Korean is very good! Haha.
L: Especially because of communication.
M: (in Cantonese) Because I always speak Korean with people in the company.
L: Because I see that you understand Cantonese, and are able to communicate with me, and also I've heard you speak Cantonese, I assumed...
M: (in Cantonese) But I think that right now I haven't spoken much Cantonese yet; I really haven't spoken Cantonese in a long time. I'd really like to find more time to practice it.
L: Come to Hong Kong more, then.
M: (in Cantonese) I also really want to; next time I'll also come, and I'll come on your show.
L: Okay, the next time you come, everyone will come.
(song playing: Distant Embrace)

Translation Cantonese to Mandarin by @shi0007 
Mandarin to English by @jesstoast for @SunshineZhouMi
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