[130621] FM 903 'Look At Me' Radio Show with Zhou Mi (Day 3 translation)


Day 2 Audio here 25:15 - end

(L) 梁文礼/Liang Wenli ; (M) Zhou Mi 

M: Hello everyone, I am Super Junior M's Zhou mi.
L: Zhou Mi mentioned before that you really like Hong Kong, because you often came to Hong Kong when you were studying in Zhu Hai, but you like Thailand too, you recently released a travel book?
M: Thai Perfect~
L: I see from the book, is it true that many of the pictures are taken while shopping or hanging out with friends, put together into a travel book?
M: Yes, because the pictures inside really isn't official pictures, it's personal pictures from while I was out with my friends
L: Looks like pictures from your daily life
M: Yes, because I feel that a travel book, the people who reads the book should want to know more about your personal journey, and wouldn't want to see official material for example, like the information says where is more interesting, because if you are present there, it will be more interesting. However my book is more realistic, I will tell you if this store is really delicious, or if it is not.
L: Oh, you'll even say if it's not good
M: Yes at certain stores where (the food) is just so-so, I will just say that it is just ordinary, it's fine even if you don't eat there haha
L: The store will look you up, 'hey why did you write negative stuff about us' (laughs). Most people are actually very familiar with Thailand, going there very often, then do you specially look for certain places that people know less about to introduce?
M: I will look for things that are, say shopping for example, shops that are more unique, like the local Thai designer that less people know about, the clothes they design ah those shops, and I'll buy some different and special things back home.
L: Don't you buy a lot when you go there then?
M: Bought a lot of things
L: Clothes you can wear during performances
M: This time doing promotions in Hong Kong, what I wore yesterday was bought from Thailand.
L: Really? Then do you do your own styling? Since there will be people in the company who put outfits together for you, but you do like to style your own outfits?
M: Yes I myself like to shop for clothes a lot, I also have my own stylist, when there are chances I will also show him/her the clothes I bought myself, if he/she thinks it's okay then I can wear it.
L: Usually you should be able to?
M: Usually I cannot (laughs)
L: Really?
M: Because they will prepare other outfits for me
L: Oh, he/she is afraid the outfit will not match the other members'?
M: Yes~ When we come out as a group I'm no long one person, whatever I wear have to match what the other members are wearing
L: What about solo activities, like the book signing in Hong Kong this time round, you can wear your own clothes?
M: Yes I can wear

L: You traveled to Thailand many times to write this book, is it? I heard it was four or five times, right?
M: If you are talking about work trips, I have been there many times, there should be four or five times. 
L: What about collecting information for the book?
M: For the book I didn't go there during work, I take time off to go there for holiday vacation, should be twice a year.
L: Two times, then releasing this book…
M: Also four to five times, two years time
L: Oh, then will the information be outdated? (laughs) Like if the store already closed down
M: Some stores changed, some are different now, some moved, but I feel that the main thing is…
L: Introduce your taste~
M: Yes, that isn't to introduce to everyone that is to, more like telling everyone it will be more fun if you do it this way.
L: Then are there fans who tell you "This book is very useful, I will bring this book around with me if I'm going to Thailand"
M: Actually I've asked them "Do you guys like this book?" They did say "Really like it, very special, very cute" but I really didn't ask if they use this book in Thailand haha
L: Should ask the stores to give discount to those who are holding on to Zhou Mi's book (laughs)
M: I hope so, hope their boss will give them (laughs)
L: Yes, having a Super Junior M member introduce the store before there should be a discount
M: But actually when I go shopping in Thailand I never told them I am SJM's Zhou Mi
L: You didn't say?
M: I've never said before
L: Then did they realize? They probably didn't.
M: Probably not, I usually wear a mask
L: Mask, oh, actually feels even more like a celebrity
M: They probably think I have a cold, a fever hahahaha
L: Fallen sick
M: Fallen sick 
L: Aside from Thailand are there any other places you want to write a travel book on?
M: Taiwan and Hongkong, more suitable.
L: I think Korea is possible too
M: Because the places I introduce about are the places I am more familiar with…
L: Because Korea you can introduce to your Hong kong Taiwan China fans
M: If it's Hong kong I can can show it to the Korean fans, there are actually a lot of Koreans who already like Hong kong a lot, they also feel like there are a lot of good food in Hong kong, and shopping is cheap too. 
L: Then do you have the plan? Any thing most important at the time being?
M: Yes, most importantly I must come to Hong kong, I can also write a book
L: Then you have got to tell the company that you have to come to Hong kong more often so as to write a book
M: Then I'll have to go talk about it to them

L: Lastly I want to ask Zhou Mi if there is anything you want to say to Hong Kong ELF? Anything you want to tell everyone?
M: Honestly I feel sorry to the Hong Kong fans, after so many years I didn't have much chances to come to Hong Kong to sing for everyone, hopefully in the near future I can write more good songs, not only as myself, or Super Junior or Super Junior M can come to Hong Kong together, furthermore I am really thankful for the support from Hong Kong fans, I love you, we all love you.
L: After watching Super Junior's Super Show 5, you guys should be coming to Hong Kong for 6 too?
M: Definitely coming
L: Then will Super Junior M come to Hong Kong to do a show too?
M: Actually we came to Hong Kong for a fan meeting once in 2008, but it has been very long since then, 5 years ago, that was the first time I sang a cantonese song on stage for everyone, it was Ku Kui Kei's Love and Honesty (song title), in the future I hope there will be chances for me to sing cantonese songs, because in other places I don't have the chance to sing (cantonese songs), only Hong Kong, or Macau, or Guang Zhou, been waiting for four or five years but I never got the chance. I do hope we can quickly have a Super Junior M concert or fan meeting, can grant me a chance to sing a cantonese song. 
L: Then you have got to consider which cantonese song you will sing, whenever you have the chance to.
M: Jade Solid Gold (medley of 39 love songs!)
L: Over ten minutes of songs
M: The feeling of not having sung any cantonese songs over the years
L: Also there are many cantonese songs included in the song, really worth it
M: Everyone should be okay with it, ten over minutes is really intense
L: That's good of course, if the company permits then it should be okay, other people can go change their clothes, go on a toilet break or so
M: When I sang Love and Honestly, all the fans were singing along with me
L: Because this song is such a hit in Hong Kong
M: Actually before I sang this song I didn't know much about it
L: Is it? But true, you're not in Hong Kong you wouldn't know which song is a hit song
M: I'll know if it's very famous, but I didn't know everyone knew the lyrics to it, then in the future if I sing Jade Solid Gold, I will~
L: Jade Solid Gold (Zhou Mi couldn't pronounce it properly and the DJ corrected it)
M: Jade Solid Gold, then everyone can sing along
L: Yes all the songs are very famous, you should go practice quickly
M: The next time, definitely.
L: There will be a next time, thank you Zhou Mi
M: Thank you everyone, Bye.

Translation Cantonese to Mandarin by @shi0007 
Mandarin to English by @myeoichi for @SunshineZhouMi
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