[130603] Zhou Mi's weibo update~


一人乐不如众人乐,我笑了好久(危险动作,请勿模仿!) 跌倒了真的要靠自己爬起来!
[Trans] One person's happiness isn't as good as everyone's happiness, I laughed for a long time (dangerous actions, do not imitate!) When I fell down I really had to rely on myself to get back up!

Trans by @jesstoast for @SunshineZhouMi
If taking out of translating to other languages please credit fully



  1. OMG poor Mi I read he fell but I haven't seen a fancam or gif, omg guys be careful, pay attention, with falls like those they get seriously hurt even when they say they didn't. Zhoumi!!! this is not something to laught at u_u I know you don't want us to be worried but man!!! ofc we will even if u say we shouldn't and you laught at it. Be careful TT_TT



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