[130618] Zhou Mi's weibo reblogs of Miss A's Jia & Fei


@missA佳: 终于收到书了!@周觅_SJM谢啦!下次去泰国旅游的话一定照你的路线走!哈哈
[Trans] @missA Jia: Finally received my book! Thanks @周觅_SJM! Next time if I go to Thailand I'll definitely follow your routes when I go! Haha

@missA霏: 孟佳 你绝了!不!应该是我们两绝了! 我没看你的微博,刚回到家就在想要拍周觅的书,谁知道你也刚回家拍了!要不要那么默契[哼][哼]
[Trans] @missA Fei: Meng Jia, you must! No! It should be that we both must! I didn't see your Weibo; as soon as I got home, I thought I should take a picture of Zhou Mi's book, and who knew you'd just gone home and taken a picture of it, too! We have that secret agreement [哼][哼]

@周觅_SJM: 默契两姐妹,谢谢佳同学推荐[good]
[Trans] Zhou Mi: The two sisters with a secret agreement, thank you for your recommendations [good]

@missA霏: @周觅_SJM «泰玩美» 非常新颖有意思的一本书! 绝对值得收藏^^
[Trans] @missA Fei: @周觅_SJM's "Thai Perfect" is a very novel and interesting book! Definitely worth getting ^^

@周觅_SJM: 谢谢霏同学给力加持!![good][鼓掌]
[Trans] Zhou Mi: Thank you Fei classmate for your strength-giving blessing!! [good][鼓掌]

Trans by @jesstoast for @SunshineZhouMi
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