[130619-28] Radio Show 881~ Day 2: Talking about SS5 Hong Kong


Radio Show 881 一圈圈訪問
130620 Zhou Mi <Thai Perfect> promotion
Audio here Day 2 6:00-11:55
DJ: Yang Zheng 
*Cantonese is labelled with [C] and when he mixed Cantonese with Chinese, Chinese is labelled as [H]

Y: SJ recently had a SS5 concert in Hong Kong, this time round, the two chinese SJM members Henry and Zhou Mi performed together (with Super Junior), today we have Zhou Mi with us to tell us more about the interesting happenings backstage.
M: We just finished our SS concert two days ago
Y: Yes, really good, it was excellent
M: Were you at the concert?
Y: Yes yes, here's my concert ticket, let me show it to you, I went, I enjoyed it
M: [C] Really, [H] wow, thank you. Because we haven't had a concert in Hong Kong in four years, yet the Hong Kong fans are still as enthusiastic (as before), because within these four years we didn't have much time to come to Hong Kong to promote. Also, [C] Ryeowook [H] it was his birthday, towards the end of the concert everyone specially held up the banner, when the entire venue was filled with the banners I felt, wow, so touched.
((Played Ryeowook's birthday speech on the concert, talking about spending his 27th Birthday in Hong Kong))
Y: So will the all of you still celebrate his birthday when you're back in Korea? His birthday in on Friday
M: [C] I think there should be a *party (*party was spoken in english)
Y: Probably will have a party
Y: Actually I really like watching SJ, because I feel like you guys are very willing in interacting with the fans, those who are able to, will speak cantonese.
M: [C] I feel like I have lots to practice on, there are so much that I don't know (how to express in cantonese)
Y: But today you're speaking well, because that day at the concert
M: [C] Really? Hahaha
Y: On Sunday night, you didn't speak much (cantonese), even Henry spoke more than you, because you were a little shy, you wanted to say [H] today is a.. a..
M: [C] a… a…
((Played Zhou Mi's SS ment- can be seen here))
M: Hahaha… I wanted to say warm up
Y: Did you mean to say warm up the crowd?
M: I just couldn't think of the word, felt so hot, my face seemed so red
Y: You're so adorable, so adorable, seemed so shy.
M: I was so nervous, my face was red like an apple
Y: Just a little hahaha. The other members had this script to read off, who wrote it for them? Did you write it?
M: [C] They asked me, they did ask me how to say this how to say that, but actually I'm not that accurate myself
Y: "Why are Hong Kong girls so pretty" was taught to Ryeowook by you as well right?
M: Yes, I did teach them a little, they also sought help from some local staff, teaching them the correct pronunciation
((Played Ryeowook's ment of "Why are Hong Kong girls so pretty"))
M: But when they read it out I felt like [C] eh, I think I speak better, haha, my pronunciation is better
Y: I think you're one of the two who speak better (cantonese), you and Henry, but the both of you also speak the least.
M: Because I always feel that I should practice more, because everyone knows that Zhou Mi can speak some cantonese, but I hope that everyone will not think that I speak like a foreigner, because I'm chinese.
Y: You have high expectations for yourself
M: [C] Yes, I hope I can speak (cantonese) like a Hong Konger. 
Y: In addition, you guys have many special segments that can only happen during a concert. So the reason why Hong Kong fans like SJ and SJM so much, is because of the hard work and effort. 
M: Thank you thank you, actually we had lots of preparation, before the concert
Y: How long did the preparations take?
M: Basically the first concert was in Seoul, in March, actually since January we have been doing SS one two three four, it's five now, we're doing some [C] changes to make it different from the previous shows, we have been thinking of what changes we should make.
Y: Did you participate in proposing suggestions?
M: Yes, this time everyone participated in giving ideas, did you see the four of us singing, singing the english song,
Y: Yes it was good
M: (sings) How am I supposed to live without you~
((Played SS5 recording))
M: The song we sang is also chosen by ourselves
Y: Ya~
M: We also chose the people (to sing it), we chose it ourselves
Y: Is it, then will there be circumstances where some of them asks, where isn't there my share, I sing very well too, are there other members who say this?
M: [C] Because there are other people who like dancing, they hope, this time I'm gonna dance, so I won't sing. Some of them wants to raise their singing abilities, so they join our *part. (*spoken in english)
Y: Ya, I see that Donghae was very enthusiastic, initiating handshakes with fans, taking pictures with their cameras.
M: [C] We do that as well
Y: The rest of you do it too, I saw you all doing that too
M: [C] It's really fun, so happy
Y: Is it, taking selcas?
M: [C] I think it feels very close, the feeling of being with our fans. [H] When they're holding a camera, we can help them take a picture, because sometimes it's a little too far to take pictures of the stage, they might not be able to see, so if we take their cameras for a picture it feels like a group shot
Y: After hearing what Zhou Mi shared about SS5's Hong Kong performance, tomorrow he will share with us about how much he loves Hong Kong

Trans: Cantonese to Mandarin by @shi0007
Mandarin to English by @myeoichi for @SunshineZhouMi
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