[130619-28] Radio Show 881~ Day 4: Zhou Mi talks about the close relationship amoungst members


Radio Show 881 一圈圈訪問

130624 Zhou Mi talks about the close relationship amoungst members
Audio here Day 4 16:30 - 22:10
DJ: Yang Zheng 

*Cantonese is labelled with [C] and when he mixed Cantonese with Chinese, Chinese is labelled as [H]

Y: Top Korean boy band, SJM's chinese member Zhou Mi, aside from being multi talented, he is also multilingual. Allowing him to successfully break out of Mainland and debut in Korea as one of Korea's entertainment industry's favorites of the new generation.   Today, we have invited he whom have recently released a travel book <Thai Perfect>, to tell us more about his relationships with his SJ members.
Y: You have been getting along with the SJ members for five years, are there any incidents that have moved you, or any memorable incidents?
M: Something very touching was, whenever it's time for the lunar new year, since I can't go home, always staying in Korea, so I feel very lonely. I remember there was one year Siwon gave me a call, I think it was two years ago, it was before the lunar new year, he called and said he's bringing me and Henry out for a meal.
Y: Wow, that's nice.
M: Yes, because then everyone had already went home for the holidays, and Siwon stays in Seoul, so he called me and Henry, also Amber, f(x)'s member.
Y: Yes I know, she's an American Taiwanese.
M: Yes, eating together, I feel very *warm. (*said in english)
Y: Then do you remember where you guys ate?
M: Barbecue
Y: Haha, that's the happiest
M: [C] Everyone loves beef
Y: Eating barbecue is the happiest
Y: Siwon is really thoughtful, taking sure good care of his brothers, what about other members? Are there any interesting instances where you have to adjust to certain circumstances?
M: Ryeowook [C] Ryeowook [H] He likes to cook, like previously when we were having a long stay in Beijing, we were there for album promotions, we had this dorm like a *family (*said in english), he goes grocery shopping everyday.
Y: His chinese doesn't seem very good
M: [C] He couldn't speak chinese yet back then
Y: Is it, he doesn't know (how to speak chinese) then
M: [C] "How much is this?" (he) only knows this, haha. [H] He buys groceries, he buys many things to cook for us
Y: Wow so happy, what did he cook? Korean dishes?
M: [C] Korean dishes, pumpkin porridge, [H] kimchi pancake. But back then we had to do our make up at the dorm, then rush for our schedules. He usually wakes up in the morning to cook. However when we're doing our make up we seldom like to eat, because it will ruin the make up, and we have to brush our teeth, so whenever he cooks for us, everyone… no [C] we eat a little, we don't finish it, then he will be unhappy and angry. Haha, I think it's very cute.
Y: Your members have written messages of encouragement for your book, at the end, other than that did they do anything else in support?
M: They are very thoughtful, for example the book signing this time round, Siwon told me "Zhou Mi ya, tell me the location and time for your book signing, I want to promote for you, I will post it on twitter" yes, but I was too busy during my schedules, I forgot to send it to him, hahaha, sorry Siwon
Y: Is Siwon the one who is initiates keeping contact with the other members?
M: Actually all of us keep in contact, we have this… Does Hong Kong use kakaotalk?
Y: I do~
M: We have our own *team (*said in english), so all of us will leave messages and chat everyday. Every member have their own schedules, so we leave messages there
Y: Since Leeteuk, Heechul and for example Yesung recently enlisted into the military, do you still keep in contact with them?
M: Yes. Yesung ge only enlisted recently, it has not been two months yet so he's still under training, Heechul ge will be back soon, so we're really happy. I did meet him up in the midst, but not as often as before he enlisted. Just hope he will get discharged from the military soon and join supershow.
Y: Then Leeteuk? What about the leader?
M: I met Leeteuk ge in the midst as well, but he's really good, even though he's enlisted in the military, he's still always actively keeping track of Super Junior's activities, including Super Junior M's. He will give suggestions, for example sometimes he sees (Super Junior) on tv, he thinks the outfits can be better.
Y: He really does that?
M: [C] Really, [H] because he is the leader, so he's very concerned about such things. For example, this song's tempo can be better, or the choreography of the dance…keeping track of our activities just as if he never enlisted in the military.
Y: What about other members? Like Sungmin who usually doesn't talk a lot, is it one of the quieter ones?
M: Sungmin ge isn't very talkative
Y: He had a radio show as well right?
M: He becomes more lively when he goes on shows, but he's very quiet in private, but if you were to chat with him he will chat along, he is someone who has his own opinions
Y: Out of everyone, who are you closest to?
M: Heechul ge
Y: Really?
M: Yes, Heechul ge, he asks me out for meals more often, we met up for meals even after he enlisted into the military. Also, I find Heechul ge very miraculous, he really likes chinese friends, not only me, he is in contact with chinese artistes from other companies.
Y: Tomorrow, Zhou Mi will tell us more about his breakthrough in Korea's entertainment industry.

Trans: Cantonese to Mandarin by @shi0007
Mandarin to English by @myeoichi for @SunshineZhouMi
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