[130619-28] Radio Show 881~ Day 6: Zhou Mi talks about how important his fans are to him


Radio Show 881 一圈圈訪問

130626 Zhou Mi talks about how his important his fans are to him
Audio here Day 6 From 27:40
DJ: Yang Zheng 

*Cantonese is labelled with [C] and when he mixed Cantonese with Chinese, Chinese is labelled as [H]

Y: Today, we’ll continue discussing about the on-goings of the entertainment circle. I have invited SJM’s Zhou Mi, to tell us about how important the fans’ support are to him. I feel that the Korean companies are very protective of their artistes, to a certain degree such that it makes people feel that they are very unreachable. Even if you’re an ordinary person, you won’t be able to get close to them. Despite of whether you attend their activities, or take a few photos, you will never be able to walk next to them. However, your personality is one that loves fans, as well as loving to interact with them. Are there any times where the company says, “You cannot”, “You’re not allowed to do this” or something similar?
M: [C] Then I’ll find my own time. Haha, it’s like [H] of my manager says, “No, you cannot talk to the fans”, then I’ll wait until he isn’t beside me, then I’ll go, “Hi, nice to meet you, have you been well?” [C] Actually fans, are not really fans. The more you see them, the more they become something like your friend. 
Y: Friend
M: [C] Friend
Y: All of them are friends
M: Yes, and they also know of some of our situations. Because, as a celebrity, despite of whether you’re in Korea or China, you won’t have a lot of chances to meet up with friends. Anyway, seeing your fans is just like seeing someone familiar. It feels warm. 
Y: Very warm. 
M: Yes yes yes. 
[plays song]
Y: Are there any memorable interactions or activities between you and the fans? For example, I’ve heard that some artists will go to the dorms to find people late at night. 
M: [C] Yes, there is. 
Y: So you’ve experienced things like these before? 
M: [C] Whenever we are overseas, they will usually wait for us at the hotel lobby. [H] The most memorable impression would be when I was in Thailand. I was at Pattaya, and I didn’t know how to speak Thai, and I didn’t know where were the fun places to go to. Then there was this group of Thai fans, about 10 to 20 of them, and they were waiting for me at the hotel lobby. I wasn’t having a schedule that time, it was my vacation, for me to enjoy myself and play. 
Y: Then how did they know your whereabouts? 
M: [C] I’m not sure myself. [H] But after they found me, they brought me to some parks, and had some meals together. And I went to play with these fans.
Y: Then I guess you must be the most warm-hearted Korean celebrity. I’ve never heard of a Korean celebrity who is so open and willing to be with the fans, just like you. Despite whether it is opening your own world to welcome the fans, or supporters or friends, it’s really rare to have someone like you. 
M: It’s because I feel that the interactions between fans and celebrities, it has got me wondering why they support me so much. Because if I change my point of view and think, if I’m the fan, I might not even go all the way to support my idol, going to their concerts etc. I may simply just purchase one of their CDs and listen to it at home. I will not go to the venue to support them. If it were me, I have to say, it would be hard for me to go all out in supporting my idols. Because I feel that the fans are treating me really well, treating Zhou Mi really well, so I feel that I should put in my sincere efforts to repay them for their support. 
[plays song]
Y: Tomorrow, Zhou Mi will share with us how he became the pride of China, in the Korean entertainment scene.

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