[130619-28] Radio Show 881~ Day 3: Feelings about Hong Kong


Radio Show 881 一圈圈訪問

130621 Zhou Mi <Thai Perfect> promotion
Audio here Day 3 12:00- 16:25
DJ: Yang Zheng 

*Cantonese is labelled with [C] and when he mixed Cantonese with Chinese, Chinese is labelled as [H]

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Y: For today's segment on Korea, we'll have SJM's Zhou Mi, who is being interviewed for the first time while in Hong Kong. Korean stars are usually more closed up but interviewing Zhou Mi seems more like chatting with a friend, giving off a really comfortable feel. He casually shares with me some of his feelings about Hong Kong. 
Y: If you are travelling by yourself, what places will you choose to visit? Other than Thailand, which you often visit, that is. 
M: [C] Actually, I really like Hong Kong. I feel that there are many good food in Hong Kong, and it is convenient for shopping. Actually before I went to Thailand, I usually go to Hong Kong as well. [H] When I was a child, I really loved twins, and I also liked listening to Leo Ku and Janice Vidal’s songs.
Y: Have you ever met them in person? 
M: I’ve never met Janice Vidal but I’ve filmed a drama with Leo Ku in 2010. 
Y: And became friends after that 
M: Yeah. We kept chatting with each other during the filming. Because we were filming in Beijing and he asked me if it was OK to use Cantonese to practise his lines. And then I [C] told him it was OK, and that I understood it, haha. 
Y: How do you know Cantonese???
M: [C] Because my university was in Zhu Hai
Y: Yes, I know. 
M: [C] Two years ago, I couldn't speak a single word of it. I could understand though, but I couldn't speak. Listening to it, I could also only understand a little of it. But after debuting and coming to Hong Kong, I thought that if I wanted to interact more with the fans, I should learn Cantonese, and it would be better. So I practised and learnt from my friend, who is from Hong Kong, while in Korea.
Y: So your Cantonese gradually improved
M: [C] It’s passable hahahaha 
[plays song] 
Y: If I gave you a mission to play and to travel at your dream place, where would your dream place be? 
M: [C] It depends on what I’m gonna do? Is it shopping or is it just relaxing
Y: When you’re travelling do you like to go shopping or do you like to go to the beach? What type of environment do you like? 
M: [C] I actually like places that have seasides as well as places for me to shop hahahaha 
Y: Haha, so a place that has everything I see. 
M: [C] I’m quite a troublesome person, that’s why I feel that Thailand is really good. Like if you go to Bangkok, you can buy many fashionable items and you can also eat seafood. I know that the people in Hong Kong love to eat seafood. 
Y: How about you? 
M: [C] For me… at first, I did not particularly like or dislike eating seafood.
Y: That’s right, I saw that you mentioned something like that in your book. 
M: [C] Because my friend is from Hong Kong and he likes eating seafood. Every time I go to Thailand, I’ll be together with him. 
Y: You accompany him
M: [H] Yup, he would introduce many varieties of seafood to me, and eventually I started to love eating seafood. 
[plays song] 
Y: Do you have any places which you frequent? Other than Thailand. 
M: [C] Yeah… Korea. Haha. 
Y: Aren’t you living in Korea now? Are you familiar with Korea now? 
M: [C] Yup I am. [H] I’ve lived in Korea for about 5 years already. Before I wrote <Thai Perfect> I actually wanted to write a book, introducing Korea to everyone.
Y: That’s right, I feel that everyone will be more eager to read that. Because Thailand seems a bit far.  
M: [C] Not really… isn’t Thailand nearer to Hong Kong? 
Y: Yes but it’s more representative if you introduce Korea to everyone. It feels like though we’re going to places that you often frequent in Korea. This book (Thai Perfect) also shows us the places that you’ve been before, but if you write a book about Korea then maybe we would be able to meet you (by chance) at these places.
M: It’s because I’ve lived in Korea for about 5-6 years and I’m more familiar with it. And when I’m more familiar with it, I have no idea what to write haha. 
Y: Something like not knowing what is the best thing to introduce to us
M: [C] Yup, not knowing what is the best to introduce. [H] I have to think for a long while… hopefully I’ll have some time to prepare. 
Y: That’s good as well, we’ll just wait for the next book. 
[plays music]
Y: SJ is well- known to have a strong bond amongst members. And this time, Zhou Mi who has travelled alone from afar to have this interview with us, has shared with us some stories about the members. If you want to find out more, please listen to Monday’s broadcast!

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