[130619-28] Radio Show 881~ Day 1: Thai Perfect promotion


130619 Radio Show 881 一圈圈訪問
130619 Zhou Mi <Thai Perfect> promotion
Audio here Day 1 - 0:00- 5:45
DJ: Yang Zheng 
*Cantonese is labelled with [C] and when he mixed Cantonese with Chinese, Chinese is labelled as [H]

Y: Having debuted for 5 years, one of SJM's members, Zhou Mi, is from Wuhan, China, being able to speak many languages, my impressions of him have always been being a talented singer and dancer, he is active and spontaneous on stage, stepping out of his delicate performance costumes, he is someone with literary talent. The multi-talented Zhou Mi recently came to Hong Kong to promote his new travel book - Thai Perfect. These few weeks, we have had the honour to invite Thai Perfect's Zhou Mi, to share with us the real him out of the spotlight.
(song: Perfection)
Y: The recording studio is excited and happy today, because we have invited a super idol, SJM's Zhou Mi! Welcome, Zhou Mi.
M: [C] Hello, hello, hi everyone, I am SJM's Zhou Mi.
Y: Earlier on we mentioned your concert, this time round the main purpose of extending your stay in Hong Kong is for (promoting) your book. This book is called Thai Perfect, which tells us about Thailand, why did you write a book on Thailand?
M: Because previously we have a song called Perfection, in 2011.
Y: Yes I've heard the song, I like it a lot.
M: [sings] Oh tai wan men~ Upon completion of the book, (I/we) wanted to think of a name that is easy to remember, a name that is fun. So we played with the words. Tai, from Tai Guo (Thailand), Wan from Hao Wan (Fun), Mei from Mei Li (Beautiful).
Y: How long did you take to complete this book?
M: I took two years. 
Y: So long?
M: Because I have other work schedules so I can't write the book continuously on a daily basis, I also have to travel to Thailand to take pictures, so basically I didn't write it continuously for two years.
Y: Of course, I previously took three years to complete a book.
M: [C] Wow, then you're pretty good yourself
Y: Really? So can we do an exchange (of our books)?
(song: Perfection)
Y: So you took two years to complete this book, then why did you choose Thailand?
M: Thailand is a very mysterious country, the first time I went there, I saw many things that I have never encountered, never seen such beautiful scenery, including some fruits and delicacies. I feel like I can introduce Thailand from my point of view to people who have never visited Thailand.
Y: So like you said this is setting off and viewing Thailand through your eyes, then in comparison to other usual Thailand travel books, what makes Thai Perfect stand out?
M: The biggest difference is, I have handwritten this entire book, and the content of the book, from the design to the cartoons to the pictures, to some text and picture designs are all done by myself, so it does not resemble a travel book, but more of a travel diary.
Y: So many pictures and everything is handwritten.
M: [C] Yes it's handwritten,
Y: Because previously when I was writing articles, one picture followed by handwritten text, writing by hand really requires lots of time.
M: [C] Very time consuming, really troublesome.
Y: Because whenever you have one word written wrongly, you have to start all over again.
M: [C] Yes! Yes! You can make amendments
Y: So everyone can imagine how much effort and sincerity is put into this book
M: [C] Also this time I wrote…
Y: Traditional chinese! Hope the Taiwan and Hong Kong readers and read it easily. Did you write a simplified chinese version?
M: Yes, because Thai Perfect will be released in mainland.
(song: Breakdown) 
Y: Throughout the entire process of writing this book, what did you find the most challenging?
M: [C] The most difficult part is what was mentioned just now, [H] writing traditional chinese.
Y: Is it?? Hahaha
M: [C] Ha, no choice, it's really tiring
Y: Not because of choosing which places to write about, or having too much information and not being able to decide what to write about, instead the hardest part is writing it out. 
M: Because those are just pictures, I just have to select them, for the text I have to write them out, when I make a mistake like you said, I have to rewrite them all over again.
Y: So I understand, when I saw the book I felt the effort and thought Zhou Mi put into it, because you really want to communicate with the readers, so you want them to feel your sincerity, and your handwritten words, when they read it it's like reading your personal diary. 
M: Just like reading my diary.
Y: I'm really happy today, I seldom get to chat so freely with such a famous korean star.
M: No no~
Y: I also admire how Zhou Mi always speaks his mind, you speak your opinions, this is very hard to come by, you're very honest.
M: Thank you.
Y: I'm very glad I have this chance to know you better, I also hope the the listeners will support Thai Perfect. He specially prepared this book for everyone.
M: Thank you everyone, I'm very happy to chat with everyone today, I hope everyone can give SJ and SJM and my new book, Thai Perfect, lots of support.
Y, M: Thank you.
(song: GO)
Y: Hope Zhou Mi's new book, Thai Perfect, sells well. Of course the SS5 concert that was just held in Hong Kong garnered lots of attention, everyone enjoyed it a lot, tomorrow Zhou Mi will tell us about the interesting happenings during the concert.

[soundbite] M: [C] Hi everyone, I am SJM's Zhou Mi, please stay tuned to K-circle's Yang Zheng.

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Mandarin to English by @myeoichi for @SunshineZhouMi
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