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ZM: Hello everybody, I’m Super Junior M’s Zhoumi!
MC: Breakdown was released earlier this year and everyone looked extremely handsome there.
ZM: Thank you!! Are you able to recognize me??
MC: This.. this one right? The hair colour is different and all, but I can still recognize you because you are still as handsome.
MC: But this time, Super Junior is back in Hong Kong because of SS5, and you were a guest in there too! How do you feel about this?
ZM: Actually, it’s been a while since I’ve come to Hong Kong. The last time I’ve been here would be in 2009… in a blink of an eye it’s already SS5 and it’s been about 4 years since we’ve seen Hong Kong fans with our Super Show stage and this time coming back it’s like, “oh I’m back… I’m back!!”
MC: It’s like coming back… coming back home!
ZM: Yes! Coming back to Hong Kong, I can feel that the fans are really enthusiastic and happy.
MC: And welcoming too~
ZM: Yup

Zhou Mi:
-        Loves words
-        Writing lyrics, releasing a book and sharing his different feelings with us

MC: From what I understand, you quite like writing song lyrics and you’ve also collaborated with them (SJ members) to write the lyrics. So to you, what different feelings does lyric writing give you?
ZM: Lyric writing is as if I’m using a pen to describe another person’s story. Because…. As a celebrity, you won’t have a lot of time to date anyone else, but I have a lot of friends around me who are dating right now. So I’ll use their stories to depict the feelings and emotions involved in dating.
MC: So actually, when you’re writing lyrics you’ll have space to imagine and you’ll incorporate these into your writing. So this means you have a passion for words?
ZM: Yes, I loved writing essays when I was young!!
MC: And you also released a new book.
ZM: Yes and I’ve been holding this book in my hands for quite some time already, and have yet to give it to you (laughs)
MC: Thank you~
ZM: This book is called <Thai Perfect>
MC: And you guys have also released a song called 太完美, (Perfection) right?
ZM: Oh tai wan mei~ Yup it’s the title song of our 3rd album. But it’s different. The “tai” in this book stands for Thailand, the “wan” stands for it being really fun. But our song title, it means, perfection.
MC:  But we’re really curious… you have been in Korea for so many years but why would you release a travel diary on Thailand?
ZM: After debuting, the first country I went to was Thailand, and I felt that this place had many... unique things; when you first come in contact with them, you feel like wanting to know more about them (the unique things) and after a few activities in Thailand, I just…
MC: Fell in love with Thailand
ZM: Yeah, especially the food and the sights there.
MC: And from my understanding, this book was completely handwritten, arranged and edited by you. Everything was done by you. How thoughtful and sincere! And I’ve also heard an interesting fact. This book was published in Taiwan right?
ZM: Yeah.
MC: But you wrote it in Simplified Chinese, so you weren’t able to publish it. So afterwards you decided that you wanted to rewrite it all again in Traditional Chinese.
ZM: When I first started off writing this book, I had no idea that it would be firstly released in Taiwan. And we usually write in Simplified Chinese… So after finishing the book… the publisher, it was a Taiwan publishing company, told me that it would be released in Taiwan first and I was thinking that it would be harder for Taiwan fans to read the Simplified words. However, finding someone to write the Traditional Chinese for me would seem rather meaningless, and the sincerity is not there.
MC: Fans wouldn’t be able to feel your heart then. So you rewrote everything again, wow.
ZM: Yeah, it took me some time.
MC: Woah, you’re really good. So all these were drawn by you?
ZM: Yup, I drew them all by myself.
MC: Oh, how talented!
ZM: Including the small comics at the back of the book. And also this! It’s a guide to teaching everyone how to create your own travel diary just like mine.
MC: How awesome! This is a really good idea!

Zhou Mi:
-        Determined
-        Going to Korea by himself for trainings, working hard to create a better future for oneself

MC: After going to Korea, what was the hardest part while trying to integrate into their entertainment scene as a Chinese? Was it the cultural differences? Or was it the language differences?
ZM: It’s... I feel that you must learn how to be determined. Not only in Korea, wherever you are, you must learn to have determination and learn how to stick to your thoughts and views. Especially when you’re in a foreign country, the language barrier will give you a lot of stress and burden. But when you learn to stand by your opinions, this burden will instead become a driving force for you to better learn the language.
MC: I actually want to ask, that is, what is the biggest difference between the Chinese and the Korean entertainment scene that you feel strongly about?
ZM: I feel that the Korean entertainment scene is more systematic, including the trainings for celebrities. Everyone would have done all their preparations before debuting. I feel that their way of training is all- rounded such that you’ll receive a lot of help from different people in this process. I’ve had this lesson before… the most unforgettable lesson… which is a martial arts lesson. Because when I first went into the company, the company was like “Oh, you’re Chinese. So you must learn some martial arts” And I was thinking, “Is it really ok for me to learn martial arts? Haha” Then the company found this famous martial artist from Beijing and he taught me for about 2 weeks?
MC: So now you’re a person who has some skills in martial arts. Come, let’s show us some moves.
ZM: No!! This was such a long time ago…
MC: So you’ve forgotten all of them? Well, it’s okay then.
ZM: You frightened me (laughs)
MC: So what other plans do you have after this? I know that you’ve filmed a drama, and then you’ve released a book… so what other surprises do you have in store for everyone?
ZM: Uhm… I might possibly be filming for a movie and in the later half of the year I will be filming a drama.
MC: In Korea? Or??
ZM: In Taiwan!
MC: So we’ll be able to see Zhou Mi’s new works and he’ll be able to meet everyone again. Anticipating the next time you come on our programme!
ZM: Thank you!
MC: And also thank you for sharing with us so much regarding music, as well as about your own life. Hope everything goes well for you!
ZM: Yes! Thank you!! Bye bye!!

Trans by @lyuanz for @SunshineZhouMi 

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