[130619-28] Radio Show 881~ Day 7: Zhou Mi talks about composition in the Korean music scene, and achieving glory for the Chinese


Radio Show 881 一圈圈訪問
130627  Zhou Mi talks about composition in the Korean music scene, and achieving glory for the Chinese
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DJ: Yang Zheng 

*Cantonese is labelled with [C] and when he mixed Cantonese with Chinese, Chinese is labelled as [H]

Y: In today’s show, I’ve invited SJM’s Zhou Mi to share more about the entertainment scene, and also to ask how he makes his mark as a Chinese in the Korean entertainment scene. As a Chinese member, do you feel that you’ll have to work much harder to prove your worth?
M: Yes. I feel so, because I’m in Korea and I’m in a Korean company, so sometimes I’ll wish that I can have my own works, and to be able to sing some nice songs, so as to allow the Chinese to feel proud. And even though I’m under a Korean company, but I wish that the things I do, will be able to represent the music that the Chinese people like. So this is the reason why I’ve been looking for some songs that are more towards my style, and at the same time, it will be the type of song that both Koreans and Chinese will enjoy. Whether it is in composition or singing, I hope that I would be able to meet everyone quickly.
Y: In the Chinese album, <Perfection>, there were also compositions by you. When you saw the CD that had your work on it, how did you feel?
M: [C] I was really happy. Actually, the first time was during the first album. The first album is <Me>. [H] I had already written 3 songs then. That was the first time on the album that my name was not only mentioned as a member. [H] So there was a very different feeling.
Y: Yes, it’s something that is considered yours.
M: Yes, but the journey in the beginning is definitely uneven. Because you have to keep writing, since the fans hope to see more of your own works. Yes, and after the first album, I would have my own composition or work in the following albums. I have also helped our senior, Kangta, to write 3 songs.
Y: Wow, so how was it like working together with him?
M:  [C] I was really happy, because even before I was part of the company, many people already said that I look like him.
Y: After seeing him in real life, I feel that you look even more like him, both are equally handsome.
M: Oh really? Thank you. After that it felt like a dream. Because helping a senior that I really like, and how I keep hearing his name in my life, it feels like a dream. I was really happy. But before that, I felt really nervous, like I didn’t know what to do. Because I had to teach him how to pronounce the words, and it was also the lyrics that I wrote by myself. After that I found that he was really warm, and he really understood Chinese people well.
Y: That’s really unimaginable.
M: [C] He knows how to speak quite a lot of Chinese phrases and he really likes China as well.
Y: Other than singing, you have also composed and written a book. But have you ever felt like trying a hand in acting, hosting or filming a movie?
M: Actually, I’ve done all three before. Because I learnt how to host when I was young but after debuting I didn’t really get to host much, but I have attended some shows before. However recently, I hope to put my heart into performing and singing. Last year, I filmed a drama titled <When Love Walked In>. I filmed it with Fahrenheit’s Calvin Chen and f(x)’s Victoria. I will be filming another drama in the later half of this year.
Y: Will we be able to watch it in Hong Kong?
M: [C] Yeah, should be, haha. Hopefully! [C] Use Cantonese to film
Y: That’s good, then that would feel more close and warm.
M: Yes, because I have a good friend called Danson Tang and he came to Hong Kong to film a drama before, and he told me that when you’re recording the accompanying vocals, you have to do it yourself, in Cantonese. And then I [H], told him he wouldn’t be able to do it.

Y: There is now quite a number of Chinese developing in the Korean entertainment scene, as a senior, what advice does Zhou Mi have for them? Remember to tune in to our last interview with Zhou Mi tomorrow!

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